Monday, October 26, 2009


My right index finger. I can't hold a pencil to even write!!! Just some little bruises.

My right middle finger. I think the most serious part of my body is on the right side.

This are the stitches on my right knee. After 3 days, it actually looks MUCH better!

This blue black bruise is on my inner thigh. After the 2nd day, all the bruises became visible. I think something is wrong with my cam coz it isn't THIS bad!

This huge reddish bruise is on my body and after Madrekins boiled an egg and rubbed it, it is MUCH better!

The same set of stitches on my right knee but more upclose and personal!

Tonnes of little scratches all over my right arm. You could barely see the little scratches now!

This is an exclusive EMERGENCY WARD picture! LOL! This was before stitches! You wanna imagine how it was? Imagine having period on your arms and legs!

A lot of you guys wanted to visit me and I appreciate your concern but I'm doing great and I'm just bruised up here and there and little stitches. To save you guys a trip to ma crib, here's some pictures to confirm that I'm ok!

Besides the amount of blood from the accident, I'm feeling normal. Until the doctors remove the stitches, I'll have to limp slightly and take things slowly. I'll be back to my normal self once they remove the stitches!

My bro is extremely disgusted by my condition and kept insisting I'm a ragdoll! When I showed him my stitches, he was like, "Why are you showing me such disgusting things??? Get lost!!! Ewwww"

Anyways, had an extremely busy day today. Went to the hospital for my check up, run around preparing the documents and finally bought a new car! Say hi to little Myvi by the end of this week!

For me, I doubt I'll be behind the wheels anytime soon! Goodbye!!! LOL... And right now, I'm singing to Buses and Trains - Bachelor Girl and Krazy - Pitbull!!! For once EVERYONE is true! "Michelle May, she gets KRAZY!!!" - Krazy (Pitbull)

~you know I get krazy~
Michelle May

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