Friday, October 30, 2009

South East Asia

My dream is to visit the whole SEA by the time I turn 25/26 Y-O.

1 People's Republic of China (CHECKED)
2 Indonesia (CHECKED)
3 Japan
4 Philippines
5 Vietnam (CHECKED)
6 Thailand (CHECKED)
7 South Korea
8 Myanmar
9 Malaysia (CHECKED)
10 North Korea
11 Taiwan
12 Cambodia
13 Hong Kong
14 Laos
15 Singapore (CHECKED)
16 Mongolia
17 Timor-Leste
18 Macau
19 Brunei

Looks like I've got a long way to go! Hopefully, I'm able to complete my journey in time! I only have 3-4 years left before the dateline!!! I would have ticked Macau if the accident didn't happen!

I know I'm very ambitious but I'm hoping that the situation will improve in Korea within a few years. Man, I need a Sugar Daddy in my life!!!!

Padrekins just left to Macau and will be going to HK by the weekend! I'm devastated.. I would've been able to check Macau AND Hong Kong! Anyways, wish me luck!!

~you know it's my dream~
Michelle May

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