Sunday, November 29, 2009

11-27-09 till 11-29-09

First stop was Mrgaritas with Shini at Chilis and then all plans were either screwed up or delayed.

For tea, we had Margaritas and Chili's Triple Play!! Was awesomeness I tell you! Had a great time!

Went to church on Saturday and decided to be a little drummer girl!!! I found out something, I'm tone deaf!!! Just kidding!

Church to celebrate baby Nathaniel's dedication. The church was filled with little kids and those blue clusters of balloons that say, "CONGRATS!!! It's a BOY!!"

Little favors were Hershey's chocolate in a little paper rocking donkey!! It was extremely cute!

As usual, Mr. Ken and Co. decided to do some weirdly funny stunts!!! He can really crack me up!

We (me and XY) couldn't stop laughing when this picture was taken!!! Was trying so hard not to laugh just so that AT can have his "brooding" look- moment!

The funny men!!! Sahaya, Kenny and Kevin!!! Sahaya wins first prize and then followed by Kenny!

Me and Sahaya! I like to think I'm very funny so, I'M FUNNIER THAN SAHAYA!!!

PICTURE OF THE YEAR: Sahaya TRYING to look sexy.... But according to Kenny; HE FAILED MISERABLY! Right now, I can't stop laughing whenever I see someone posing like that!

Went to church with XY and AT the next day and the whole road leading to church was flooded! We were caught in the jam for almost an hour! The church had some international visitors from Germany, Canada, USA, and Aussie from YM... So, made some new friends and celebrated baby Nathaniel's dedication!

After that, decided to yum cha with Mr. Kenny at Old Town in BU and was absolutely having so much of fun laughing!!! We were talking about bowling, karaoke and all sort of songs and Vengaboys songs won the award for being the most stupidest songs ever in history albeit the catchy lyrics!

Planning a sing-K session soon!!! By the time I arrived at XY's, I nearly fainted due to exhaustion!!! I couldn't even wait till XY finished her shower, I fell asleep! Took some adjustments to have a good night's sleep! Went to church again and finally arrived home!

~you know I'm a goner~
Michelle May

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spontaneous Genting

The view of the whole themepark!! If only my cam has a wider lense...

I've always love the First World hotel lobby! It's very romantic and I like it's darkness...

Everything is set for Christmas!!! The weather is Christmassy, the songs are Christmassy, and there were candy canes everywhere!!!

I have to upload the Macau pictures.. Lots of Grecian inspired statues and this is a replica of Michael Angelo work I think. I like my art post modern not religious affliation.

Not supposed to take pictures in the casino but what the heck??? Here's some exclusive shots!

After a while, the cable car isn't that scary anymore!! Since it was school holidays, so many people!!!

The view of Genting late in the eveing from Good luck restaurant in the casino, coincidence?

Lost my money at Circus Palace Casino. The place is huge!!! I got lost and had so much trouble finding my way out!

You meet all sorts of character here... Most of them weird and all of them are here to win! Hence, the poker faces!

If you're bored of gambling, you can enjoy live music! They sing all those evry green songs like Kau Ilhamku and old Chinese songs!

I've always tried to be spontaneous and while wandering around 1U, decided to go up to Genting! Since the weather in KL is bright and sunny, the weather in Genting is very chilly!! It is a proven theory.

Ended up in Genting and decided to gamble since I have yet to acquire such vice! Decided to play the Roulette and lost 100MYR... Met a friend though, who taught me all I need to know about Roulettes and we had drinks!

Personally, it all depends on luck! If you're lucky, you'll win no matter what but if luck isn't on your side, no matter what you do, you'll lose!! Hence, I played 100MYR just for fun. I don't intend to win! God also works in myterious ways.. I didn't need money so I didn't win any!

A source told me that the majority of those who won the slot machines are those who only pulled once! The best place to learn mathematics and statistics is the casino! I would love to learn Texas Hold em' though! Looks interesting!!

After that, decided to wander around. Walked from Genting Hotel all the way to First World and took lots of pictures but was in none of them! Same problem as Vietnam where lonely traveller only take pictures! I came up here to clear my head and sort things out. Shini said I keep running away from my problems but I'm just taking some time off to think it over!

I learnt to be spontaneous, learn to let go, and learnt that I'm not getting younger everyday! How long can I party, drink, flirt, etc? Can't do it forever right? My life is so uncertain, always had and always will and I realise that I really need stability. I used to have so many guys but none of them serious where I can turn to them... You know, it's just pointless!

I also took a long, hard look at my parents. They've always provided for me. Best education and when I told them I want to do my Masters, they need to arrange some funds. Even though they say that they have no money, I know that they will provide. Part of me is scared to leave but another part is excited and knows that it is good and I'm one step closer to fulfilling my dream!

Here's my travel calendar:

January 16th: Phuket, Thailand
May 3rd: Tj. Sepat
May 17th: Malacca
May 23rd: Penang
June 8th: Ipoh
June 20th: K. Pilah
June 23rd: K.Terengganu
June 24th: Redang
July 12th: Jugra
July 24th: Shanghai
July 27th: Hangzhou
August 23rd: Cameron Highlands
August 30th: Ijok
October 1st: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
October 20th: Bandung, Indonesia
November25th: Genting
December: Taiwan (PENDING)
2010: Australia(PENDING)

~you know I'm lovin it~
Michelle May

Monday, November 23, 2009

Buonasera, The Cove!!!

The most decadent and sinfully delicious chocolate dessert I've eaten!! It's not sweet like those conventional chocolate cakes but it's more like pure cocoa powdered taste which personally, The way real chocolate dessert should taste like! If i'm not mistaken, it's called a chocolate mousse cake? Well, it's so delicious, I'm not bothered what it's called!

Madrekins Beer Battered Fillet which was so delicious, I think I ate half of it!

A. Candy's Rosemary Chicken. 1/2 a chicken with the perfectly roasted (or was it grilled?) potatoes and served with the most perfect rosemary sauce! Absolutely delicious!

I had the Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken and Herbs and I can say that they were very generous with the chicken and mushroom! I loved it!

The Cove; Homes that are lovely and instead of cars, we roll in our jetskis and yacths!

The whole concept here is built upon nature where natural materials are used and incorporated into the whole surrounding!

Isn't the infinity pool just so gorgeous? Was dying to take a dive into the glistening water but remembered my stitches.

Ended up just posing by the pool! So NOT FUN!!! Was hoping to accidentally "fall" into the pool but sigh!

The veranda or the gazebo made from wood overlooking the swamp!

See what I mean? It's so nature here! I love it! The perfect place for a natural girl like me!

Gift from my NY and HK friends!!! Bottle of Remy Martin Champagne Cognac!!! Lovin all these gifts!! 2 weeks ago was the Barbados Rum from Dora and now, Cognac from Ivy, Freddie and Eric!! Keep those bottle coming!

Decided to cheer A. Candy up by bringing her to her favourite shop Buonasera for her favourite Italian food! She didn't had much appetite but no one could resist such fine food! I actually brought the Parentals to Buonasera a few years back and we were smitten by Chef Enzo Dente and we consider him a personal friend.

Even his chefs were as friendly as they allowed us to sample their roast pork which was heavenly. Too bad we didn't get to meet Enzo cause he was out running some errands this time. Anyways, I should have done this review way back but I was extremely busy non stop and now, I have all the time in the world.

We just love the the cosy and homely ambience of the restaurant and well as the attentiveness and friendliness of the chef and the staff! The food might be a tad pricey for some but there's a Chinese saying that, "The price depends on the quality of the goods!" Meaning, if the goods are of high quality, the price should be expensive.

Overall, I find Buonasera a great restaurant! Besides, ingredients used are fresh, high quality and imported. Hence, it isn't cheap. I would continue to come back here as I had for many years! Oh, right now, they're having some Christmas goodies!!! Do check with them for stuffed chicken, desserts and roasts!

For more details, please contact Buonasera : +603 78778586 or call Enzo :012-9710628.
Address: No.42, Ground Floor, SS2/66, 47300 P.J, Selangor D.E. Malaysia.

For dinner, we decided to take our NY and HK friends to Telok Gong. Since me and Madrekins were early, we decided to take some pictures at The Cove. Santai (Relax in English) is the name of the establishment. There's gazebos, bridges, coves, show houses, show villages, pool, reading room, gym and etc.

Normally, we would just past it by but I'm glad we decided to stop! That place was beautiful!!! It's a prove that man and nature can co-exist! Really, really an amazing place. You'll just feel relaxed instantly. Now, this is my new sanctuary!

Some brief updates: The accident challenged all my beliefs and in a way, I would never changed what had happened if given the chance. I will still go through it all over again! After the accident, I got my sister back and I got more than I bargained for with MADV (my little secret!) The accident really brought us closer and he's the only thing that is constant in my life right now. He made me grow up... I'm done with all those games that I play, all those flirtings, hurting others, and being heartless. I'm happy with my life right now... he's made it so much better!

~you know I'm lovin it~
Michelle May

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My New Job!

Everyone was sleepy/bored/tired cause we we're out the whole day!! We went shopping at Pyramid and ended up rushing everywhere.

Yan Yan as usual, so adorable. The look to follow; Sick, just got out of bed!

You have to admire Kysha's flexibility! She does cart wheels and all sorts of stuff! Future cheerleader!

Well, I think the only stable job I have right now is babysitting! Too much work especially if you're taking care of an extremely hyper 7 Y-O little girl!!! Took her to the pet shop and book store and "chau kong" (got ogled!) This time, I'm smarter!

After picking her up from her arithmetic class, we went to the new house to get some fittings and then had dinner in Cheras. After dinner, she was super hyper and started running around, rolling on the floor, doing crazy dances and generally, running around and around at dizzying speed!

Finally, arrived home at 11+ and was super tired!!! Lucky she was extremely cute so I had fun! I enjoy living my life right now... Even though I'm done with my degree, I'm not ready to grow up, be MORE responsible, work, buy a car, house, get marry, etc. I'm just not ready, hence, I want to do my Masters! Hoping to delay the time.

The societal norm is to graduate, work, buy assets and get marry. Anyone who dares defy the societal norm is shunned or being set as an example like, "Son/Daughter, when you graduate already, don't be like Michelle... After spending her parents money on a double major degree, she's still relaxing/chilling at home, no stable BF, and worst!! Still using her parent's money!! Remember, don't be like her ok?" - Typical Chinese family.

Hoping to get through CNY cause I have yet to receive my degree is the perfect excuse! No wonder I age before my time!!! I'm only 22 Y-O but under the societal norms, I'm supposed to behave and think like a 25 Y-O!!! I still want to study, I only want to be responsible for my dog and that's it!!!

Generally, I don not think about others. Besides close family, friends, and Precious, I rarely care about others. I could be the perfect example of a bad child and you can say whatever you want, I don't give a damn. Right now, I'm still in the "SURREAL PHASE" where I can't belive that I'm done. I've been looking forward to this day for almost 5 years and when the day finally arrived, I can't belive it!

Everything is happening so fast, I'm the only thing that is stationary. It's almost the end of the year. This has been a memorable year and let's raise our champagne glass to welcome 2011!!! The final year before Earth apparently ends!

~you know I like it like that~
Michelle May

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day We Talked About How Stupid We Are!

I know, She's such a monster that she grew a monster arm!!!

I remember what kept me sane all these years!!! Overdosing on food and beer every Friday with my bestie keeps me sane!!

"The Near Death Experience Club" It's so exclusive that only people who nearly died are automatically made member!!! Too bad, Ili doesn't belong in this club!

I think I'm photographed too many times with either cigarettes or alcohol!!!

Cheers to life and us. I think God saved us from all these deaths just so we can be friends again!

Dragon Roll unravelling!!! Too much wasabi and it went straight up her new nose!!! LOL!

The MUST HAVE Dragon Roll at Sushi Zanmai!! It's weird that our fight began here and ended here!

Salmon sushi @ Sushi Zanmai. Not bad!!!

Wasabillar Roll @ Sushi Zanmai!!! Raw salmon and fried salmon skin inside a wasabi roll!!

One of our ALL-TIME FAVS, Soft Shell Crab Maki!!! So freakingly good!!!

A little gift from my Barbados friends; Mount Gay Extra Old Rum!!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the rum!!!

I stopped talking to my sister from a different mother since July for reasons I vaguely remember now. She got into an accident somewhere in August/September and got a new nose. I nearly died in October and you know, she's the one I wanted to talk to at 3AM while I was in the hospital.

I guess God really works in a funny way! I doubt we'll talk if I didn't get into the accident and sometimes, we forget how the whole argument started in the first place. Anyways, we finally decided to meet up and continue our Friday ritual and I'm glad to say that, we never stopped talking and it's as if we just continued where we left off in July.

We ended up talking about how silly we are, catching up with what's been happening and most importantly, drinking to our friendship and my graduation!!! Sushi never tasted better and beer never tasted sweeter just because we're together... Anyways, I'm mighty glad we both survived this year and are able to live like we're dying next year!!!

I'm extremely happy that I have you back in my life and in a way, I'm glad that we fought... A friendship is always stronger after a fight. You're probably gonna be happy since I dedicated a whole blog post to you!!! If you're reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!

To Ili, If you're reading this, YOU ARE SUCH A DOUBLE HEADED SNAKE!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY SIDE!!! But then again, You were so good, you fooled me! Biatch! But I still love you too!!!

~you know I won't have it any other way~
Michelle May