Sunday, November 29, 2009

11-27-09 till 11-29-09

First stop was Mrgaritas with Shini at Chilis and then all plans were either screwed up or delayed.

For tea, we had Margaritas and Chili's Triple Play!! Was awesomeness I tell you! Had a great time!

Went to church on Saturday and decided to be a little drummer girl!!! I found out something, I'm tone deaf!!! Just kidding!

Church to celebrate baby Nathaniel's dedication. The church was filled with little kids and those blue clusters of balloons that say, "CONGRATS!!! It's a BOY!!"

Little favors were Hershey's chocolate in a little paper rocking donkey!! It was extremely cute!

As usual, Mr. Ken and Co. decided to do some weirdly funny stunts!!! He can really crack me up!

We (me and XY) couldn't stop laughing when this picture was taken!!! Was trying so hard not to laugh just so that AT can have his "brooding" look- moment!

The funny men!!! Sahaya, Kenny and Kevin!!! Sahaya wins first prize and then followed by Kenny!

Me and Sahaya! I like to think I'm very funny so, I'M FUNNIER THAN SAHAYA!!!

PICTURE OF THE YEAR: Sahaya TRYING to look sexy.... But according to Kenny; HE FAILED MISERABLY! Right now, I can't stop laughing whenever I see someone posing like that!

Went to church with XY and AT the next day and the whole road leading to church was flooded! We were caught in the jam for almost an hour! The church had some international visitors from Germany, Canada, USA, and Aussie from YM... So, made some new friends and celebrated baby Nathaniel's dedication!

After that, decided to yum cha with Mr. Kenny at Old Town in BU and was absolutely having so much of fun laughing!!! We were talking about bowling, karaoke and all sort of songs and Vengaboys songs won the award for being the most stupidest songs ever in history albeit the catchy lyrics!

Planning a sing-K session soon!!! By the time I arrived at XY's, I nearly fainted due to exhaustion!!! I couldn't even wait till XY finished her shower, I fell asleep! Took some adjustments to have a good night's sleep! Went to church again and finally arrived home!

~you know I'm a goner~
Michelle May

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