Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day We Talked About How Stupid We Are!

I know, She's such a monster that she grew a monster arm!!!

I remember what kept me sane all these years!!! Overdosing on food and beer every Friday with my bestie keeps me sane!!

"The Near Death Experience Club" It's so exclusive that only people who nearly died are automatically made member!!! Too bad, Ili doesn't belong in this club!

I think I'm photographed too many times with either cigarettes or alcohol!!!

Cheers to life and us. I think God saved us from all these deaths just so we can be friends again!

Dragon Roll unravelling!!! Too much wasabi and it went straight up her new nose!!! LOL!

The MUST HAVE Dragon Roll at Sushi Zanmai!! It's weird that our fight began here and ended here!

Salmon sushi @ Sushi Zanmai. Not bad!!!

Wasabillar Roll @ Sushi Zanmai!!! Raw salmon and fried salmon skin inside a wasabi roll!!

One of our ALL-TIME FAVS, Soft Shell Crab Maki!!! So freakingly good!!!

A little gift from my Barbados friends; Mount Gay Extra Old Rum!!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the rum!!!

I stopped talking to my sister from a different mother since July for reasons I vaguely remember now. She got into an accident somewhere in August/September and got a new nose. I nearly died in October and you know, she's the one I wanted to talk to at 3AM while I was in the hospital.

I guess God really works in a funny way! I doubt we'll talk if I didn't get into the accident and sometimes, we forget how the whole argument started in the first place. Anyways, we finally decided to meet up and continue our Friday ritual and I'm glad to say that, we never stopped talking and it's as if we just continued where we left off in July.

We ended up talking about how silly we are, catching up with what's been happening and most importantly, drinking to our friendship and my graduation!!! Sushi never tasted better and beer never tasted sweeter just because we're together... Anyways, I'm mighty glad we both survived this year and are able to live like we're dying next year!!!

I'm extremely happy that I have you back in my life and in a way, I'm glad that we fought... A friendship is always stronger after a fight. You're probably gonna be happy since I dedicated a whole blog post to you!!! If you're reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!

To Ili, If you're reading this, YOU ARE SUCH A DOUBLE HEADED SNAKE!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY SIDE!!! But then again, You were so good, you fooled me! Biatch! But I still love you too!!!

~you know I won't have it any other way~
Michelle May

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