Monday, January 18, 2010

It's O.V.E.R!!! (OVER-DUED!)

THE EARTHSHAKERS;Sammie (The Hamster!), Shazwan (The Stoner!), Chee Fong (The Boss!) and Suraya (The Motherhen!)

Setting up all the audio and visuals for the presentation! Last minute, wardrobe change, selling stuff and etc...

The Boss and I! He's a great boss!! Would love to work with him again!! But, next time, I'm The Boss!!! *muahahahaha*

I never played nice or defence.. I play offence when I'm presenting.. I'm aggresive and nasty! Not very likeable!

One of my favourite lecturers!!! She's like a mother to us.. Ms. Doris!! Loves her!!

Can't believe that the year is going to end in a month's time and I'm officially done with my degree! It's about time cause I've been in KDU since 2005 (almost 5 years!) and I'm kind of done with the whole Asher-Roth-I-Love-College. You know, the " Drink my beer and smoke my weed, but my good friends are all I need, pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat and do it again, Man! I love college. I LOVE DRINKING..." Well, I'm so over the whole I love college crap!

Today, I finally wrapped up months of hard work and sacrifices on my social life. I've finally submitted my final report, presented my final presentation and somehow, I already miss my groupmates. For these couple of months, we've all been working hard together. We've all sacrificed and we have been working on our assignment and those few months, we really connected. You could imagine, talking to each other online EVERYDAY from morning till the wee hours of the morning. I speak more to them than to my own family!

Today, we were just discussing about moving on, leading individual lives and leaving college. I realised that it makes me sad. If possible, I really don't want my college life to end. It's bittersweet! I'm extremely happy that I'm a degree holder now but on the other hand, I'm completely clueless about my future and I miss my friends.

I haven't really spoken to the Parentals about THE FUTURE but I don't think they'll be cool if I told them I wanted to chill and relax until next Sept!!! I'm confused and I really don't want to be the responsible one. On a brighter note, I had a great day today. Instead of being nervous, I noticed that I play the offense instead of defence when I'm presenting. I'm pretty aggresive when I'm presenting. Almost Mr. Hyde like. Well, Ms. Doris and all the audience seem to like Michelle Hyde so, no complains!

I'm really happy to have supportive friends that came just to support me! I love my girls, Carol Mokomane, Chynar Ushmekova and Naledi Majasi. Then, we went to Section 19 to service the car which haven't been serviced for 1 whole year and just spent the whole day doing girly stuff like shopping, eating, talking, etc. Really had fun with them today. The end to the perfect day? Good food and great company with some friends from Barbados!!!

You'll be amazed at the knowledge you'll gain just from hanging out with these people. Somehow, the world seem just a little bit smaller and friendlier.

~you know I Hyde~
Michelle May

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