Sunday, November 15, 2009

My New Job!

Everyone was sleepy/bored/tired cause we we're out the whole day!! We went shopping at Pyramid and ended up rushing everywhere.

Yan Yan as usual, so adorable. The look to follow; Sick, just got out of bed!

You have to admire Kysha's flexibility! She does cart wheels and all sorts of stuff! Future cheerleader!

Well, I think the only stable job I have right now is babysitting! Too much work especially if you're taking care of an extremely hyper 7 Y-O little girl!!! Took her to the pet shop and book store and "chau kong" (got ogled!) This time, I'm smarter!

After picking her up from her arithmetic class, we went to the new house to get some fittings and then had dinner in Cheras. After dinner, she was super hyper and started running around, rolling on the floor, doing crazy dances and generally, running around and around at dizzying speed!

Finally, arrived home at 11+ and was super tired!!! Lucky she was extremely cute so I had fun! I enjoy living my life right now... Even though I'm done with my degree, I'm not ready to grow up, be MORE responsible, work, buy a car, house, get marry, etc. I'm just not ready, hence, I want to do my Masters! Hoping to delay the time.

The societal norm is to graduate, work, buy assets and get marry. Anyone who dares defy the societal norm is shunned or being set as an example like, "Son/Daughter, when you graduate already, don't be like Michelle... After spending her parents money on a double major degree, she's still relaxing/chilling at home, no stable BF, and worst!! Still using her parent's money!! Remember, don't be like her ok?" - Typical Chinese family.

Hoping to get through CNY cause I have yet to receive my degree is the perfect excuse! No wonder I age before my time!!! I'm only 22 Y-O but under the societal norms, I'm supposed to behave and think like a 25 Y-O!!! I still want to study, I only want to be responsible for my dog and that's it!!!

Generally, I don not think about others. Besides close family, friends, and Precious, I rarely care about others. I could be the perfect example of a bad child and you can say whatever you want, I don't give a damn. Right now, I'm still in the "SURREAL PHASE" where I can't belive that I'm done. I've been looking forward to this day for almost 5 years and when the day finally arrived, I can't belive it!

Everything is happening so fast, I'm the only thing that is stationary. It's almost the end of the year. This has been a memorable year and let's raise our champagne glass to welcome 2011!!! The final year before Earth apparently ends!

~you know I like it like that~
Michelle May

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