Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rosken High Potency Vit. E

After the accident, My arms and legs were covered in scratches and stitches. It's been only 2 weeks plus and my skin is so much better. It's as if the accident never happened. My secret to making those pesky scars gone??

It's none other than ROSKEN High Potency Vitamin E cream. I call it my miracle!!! Well, I've never had much faith in creams which you can buy fom the pharmacy. Unless it's expensive, I would think that it works.

I got this cream for only 7.50AUD and I SWEAR BY IT!!! Use it on those pesky scars and scratches twice a day and it will all disappear in an instant. Anyways, this cream is a concentrated formula that contains 10,000 international units of vitamin e.

I've used all sorts of lotions and creams and by far, this is the most effective. You can literally see it work!!! Everything is gone within 2 weeks!!! You've seen my accident pictures, and you should see me now! It worked miraculously and that's why I decided to write about it.

Just so you all know, I don't receive any presents or compensation for this review. It's purely my views and it has nothing to do with Rosken at all. Though it will be nice if I did receive something. LOL! Just kidding.

~you know I like it~
Michelle May

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