Saturday, November 07, 2009

Scarves and Shopping!

I *HEART* both of these scarves from Old Navy!!!! It's also a steal at only $5 for one!!! I'm soooo gonna get my fiance to get it for me!!! I wish I'm in US now...

I finally got my Vintage Floral Gausse Scarf from Cotton On for only 15.95 AUD!!! It's a steal! What do you think?

I know Fall or Autumn close to Winter will make anyone a tad lil snippy but I love it because I can buy my Summer favs at discounted prices!!! Only applicable in US, sorry and I get to wear my scarves!!!

Like every girl, I have an insatiable thirst for a certain item at certain times and right now, I'm so in love with scarves. I like em stripey, floral printed, cultural, vintage, classy, preppy and bohemian!

Anyways, click HERE for more talk about scarves and giraffes!

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Michelle May

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