Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spontaneous Genting

The view of the whole themepark!! If only my cam has a wider lense...

I've always love the First World hotel lobby! It's very romantic and I like it's darkness...

Everything is set for Christmas!!! The weather is Christmassy, the songs are Christmassy, and there were candy canes everywhere!!!

I have to upload the Macau pictures.. Lots of Grecian inspired statues and this is a replica of Michael Angelo work I think. I like my art post modern not religious affliation.

Not supposed to take pictures in the casino but what the heck??? Here's some exclusive shots!

After a while, the cable car isn't that scary anymore!! Since it was school holidays, so many people!!!

The view of Genting late in the eveing from Good luck restaurant in the casino, coincidence?

Lost my money at Circus Palace Casino. The place is huge!!! I got lost and had so much trouble finding my way out!

You meet all sorts of character here... Most of them weird and all of them are here to win! Hence, the poker faces!

If you're bored of gambling, you can enjoy live music! They sing all those evry green songs like Kau Ilhamku and old Chinese songs!

I've always tried to be spontaneous and while wandering around 1U, decided to go up to Genting! Since the weather in KL is bright and sunny, the weather in Genting is very chilly!! It is a proven theory.

Ended up in Genting and decided to gamble since I have yet to acquire such vice! Decided to play the Roulette and lost 100MYR... Met a friend though, who taught me all I need to know about Roulettes and we had drinks!

Personally, it all depends on luck! If you're lucky, you'll win no matter what but if luck isn't on your side, no matter what you do, you'll lose!! Hence, I played 100MYR just for fun. I don't intend to win! God also works in myterious ways.. I didn't need money so I didn't win any!

A source told me that the majority of those who won the slot machines are those who only pulled once! The best place to learn mathematics and statistics is the casino! I would love to learn Texas Hold em' though! Looks interesting!!

After that, decided to wander around. Walked from Genting Hotel all the way to First World and took lots of pictures but was in none of them! Same problem as Vietnam where lonely traveller only take pictures! I came up here to clear my head and sort things out. Shini said I keep running away from my problems but I'm just taking some time off to think it over!

I learnt to be spontaneous, learn to let go, and learnt that I'm not getting younger everyday! How long can I party, drink, flirt, etc? Can't do it forever right? My life is so uncertain, always had and always will and I realise that I really need stability. I used to have so many guys but none of them serious where I can turn to them... You know, it's just pointless!

I also took a long, hard look at my parents. They've always provided for me. Best education and when I told them I want to do my Masters, they need to arrange some funds. Even though they say that they have no money, I know that they will provide. Part of me is scared to leave but another part is excited and knows that it is good and I'm one step closer to fulfilling my dream!

Here's my travel calendar:

January 16th: Phuket, Thailand
May 3rd: Tj. Sepat
May 17th: Malacca
May 23rd: Penang
June 8th: Ipoh
June 20th: K. Pilah
June 23rd: K.Terengganu
June 24th: Redang
July 12th: Jugra
July 24th: Shanghai
July 27th: Hangzhou
August 23rd: Cameron Highlands
August 30th: Ijok
October 1st: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
October 20th: Bandung, Indonesia
November25th: Genting
December: Taiwan (PENDING)
2010: Australia(PENDING)

~you know I'm lovin it~
Michelle May

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