Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some Stuff and More

A trip to TESCO with Madrekins is very educational. Today, I learnt not to marry a Chinaman and bring my husband out grocery shopping. Whilst waiting for Madrekins to weight some veggies, this family (Dad, Mom, Girl, Boy) was standing beside of me.

All of the sudden, the husband was shouting at the wife for no apparent reason. Here was their conversation:
Dad: I told you to look carefully, right?
Mom: Stop screaming, people are looking. (soft tone)
Dad: It's not my problem right? Why are you so stupid???? (loud enough for EVERYONE to hear!)

Then the family went on with their shopping. If ANYONE were to speak to me that way in PUBLIC, I would have kicked his balls... HARD! He thinks that by putting his wife down in public, he's a man. Well, if that's the measure of a man, ALL MEN ARE SWINES!

I'm no Dr. Love but come on!!! The woman should have just spoke up and tell the bastard to STFU. Madrekins finally arrived with veggies enough to feed a country and she saw the bastard still nagging the wife.

When the 8 years old son sees his father putting his mother down like that, he will have no respect for his mother and he will end up like the father, constantly putting other people down. One teaching that really opened my eyes and would like to practise is: IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, SHUT THE FCUK UP!

Then, Madrekins taught me something that no schools could ever teach me. Women need to work. Even if you have kids or whatever, just work and make your own money and you won't get bullied. Who has more money, who has more say. Well, I don't say much but I NEVER let ANYONE put me down. Only I can do that to myself.

Anyways, I miss my piano man. I haven't seen him or heard him play for almost a month! I should start dating guys like that... Nice, boring guys that offers me stability. I think everyone will agree on that. Personally, I don't want a relationship. I want a connection. I used to imagine that I will marry him but my dreams changed and he's not part of it.

Been thinking a lot about the 7 Deadly Sins after reading Divina Comedia by Dante Alighieri. I think I'll be purged in hell for LUST, GREED and PRIDE. And the only GLUT is for alcohol. WOW! 4 put of 7 ain't that bad! Will change my lifestyle by 2010.

On the other subject, I think the human anatomy is a fascinating study. Our body can heal and tissues can regenerate and it's just so fascinating. In a way, we're like Superman. The only difference is that we can't heal in 1 second and catch bullets with our palms. I seriously feel that my body is an entity of it's own! (Like an individual and a company for accounting!)

Lastly, After being in college since 2005, I'm finally graduating!!! I have a presentation next Wednesday and then I'm DONE!!! It's still so surreal and time really do pass! Will be planning for my holidays till March 2010 and then intake for Masters will commence in September. I'm hoping I get to do my Masters and get a London bloke!

Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!


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