Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Penang for The Parental's Anniversary!

My little half Vietnamese cousins! (To me, as long as we're related, we're cousins!) They're twins!!! Can you tell?

This is the younger twin! He just woke up and he has such huge round eyes!!! He's so cute!!!

I love being in the spotlight! Actually, our room has a great balcony and as you can see, a breath-taking view!

The rooms were very clean and nice. I hate the beds though! The bed creaks everytime you move! I was so sick (sick as a dog!) and I was so uncomfortable!

The view from the balcony! The pool people plays Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga on repeat!! At first, I was just dancing, then, it gets annoying!

With Uncle Law, you can never go hungry! After kuey teow, he kept the food coming for 2 hours!!! Grilled squid and veggie, smoked sotong, otak otak, keropok, mua chi, ikan bakar, and lots of beer!

Just chilling with Darrell by the sea.

Isn't he schooooooooo cute?!

Sometimes, I just have no idea what he does!

Darrell and Uncle Law!

If you want the best fried kuey teow in Penang, come to Gurney Drive and look for Uncle Law! This is Uncle Law's shop! Most delicious kuey teow.. EVER! I never eat kuey teow anywhere else!

While Uncle Law was busy chatting with us, Yi Poh (Grandma's Sister!) and kor kor (again, my cousin!) has to fry the kuey teow!

Had a not very nice dinner at Eden. Enjoyed the cultural show though! 1Malaysia dances!

Had to cam whore amongst those fishes and sea creatures! Looking at all these aquatic creatures, no wonder I'm afraid of the sea!

The hotel that we lived in; Flamingo by the beach... And no, How I wished it was THE Flamingo in Vegas!!!

I thought the plan was perfect for the big day; I booked the rooms, supposed to have a nice dinner in The Ship, visit yi poh and Uncle Law, beer, alcohol, play a round of pool, beach, more alcohol, food, eat, shop and visit places!

No matter how much you plan or whatever, shit happens. Everyone fell asleep and only woke up at 6.30pm. By the time everyone got dressed and finally went to the restaurant, it was almost 8PM!! Since I thought we would have gone out for dinner at around 7PM and it was a Monday, none of us thought about booking. So, we ended up eating at eden instead.

We wanted a simple Western foon and eden served high end lobster kind of food and 2 days ago, we already had so much of seafood at Kuala Selangor. Besides, I wasn't feeling well... I was having fever and a very bad sore throat... I know, the perfect time for all sorts of illness!

Anyways, after eating some not very nice food at eden, we went to Gurney Drive to meet Uncle Law and as usual, he kept the food coming and coming and we (the rest of the family except me!)ate till we couldn't eat anymore... Was there till 12AM and it was fun, felt like real Penangites! Couldn't drink any beer since I was almost literally dying! At that time, I really couldn't decide which was worst... Not being able to drink or the pain of sore throat?

The next day, we were supposed to visit the new Kek Lok Si temple but we visited Uncle Law instead and the twins are seriously sooooooo cute!!! They're half Vietnamese and you just feel like having your own babies once you see them!!! They're absolutely adorable and I would want one of those (I mean, babies!) when I can afford to give them the world!

Got home and Darrell had to take me to the doctor. There was bacterial infection and low blood pressure hence, the sore throat, fever and dizziness. I haven't been eating since Kuala Selangor and it sucks!!! I have to go back to Penang to eat and to go to the beach!!!!

~you know I can~
Michelle May

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This is the most recent picture on one of our trips to Tj. Sepat! Silly me, they were actually facing the sea.. Wrong camera angle!

This was on top a hill overlooking the whole Phuket Island! This was where they celebrated their Anniversary last year!

This was in the Thailand Imperial Palace during Chinese New Year. The weather was really warm so, no one was really smiling!

This is a very old picture of their wedding day! It was on my grandma's (My dad's mom!) wall for so many years and when she moved on, it is just collecting dust on my parent's dressing table!

I never really said this but I LOVE LOVE my parents! (And no, they didn't pay me an exhorbitant amount or bribe me with MAJOR shopping purchases!) It's funny that people actually thought Madrekins was a single parent growing up! If we weren't travelling with Padrekins, we used to live with Granma and Madrekins.

I realised something this year because I was very emotional this year. I've got my sad months and I noticed that my parents will give me whatever I want provided that it's within means!(And that includes 700MYR shopping sprees, travelling expenses, etc!)

I remembered that from May onwards, I had this crazy idea to visit Malaysia and my parents religiously took me all over the place every weekend! I remember this one particular trip where we drove to Ipoh for breakfast because I missed the food and then we drove up to Cameron Highlands!

There are so many things that my parents did for me that I wouldn't do for myself!!! I guess they are the coolest parents any kid could ever wish for! Maybe, just maybe, it's also the reason I'm so spoilt and single! I'm so used to getting what I want and my parents are great providers that I don't need a guy to provide for me!

If I do go on a date, I insist on paying myself because let's face it, I can pay more than any date could ever afford! If I like something, my parents will get it for me and it just defeats the purpose of a BF! Certain girls use their BFs as ATM, drivers, etc and I have all that... Hence, I don't find a reason to have a BF!

My parents are great! Sometimes, I have no idea if my Mom is my mom or my friend. She's fun and we all talk about sex unlike parents. My dad taught me well. I need to work hard for what I want and the importance of being happy! He holds 3 jobs and if he's not happy, he'll just quit.

I really adore mi familia and I credit them that I turn out to be such a well read, well travelled, independent and hardworking person. I know that they will fulfill my wishes if I asked! How many parents will do that for their child?

I mean, they do piss me off occasionally but we're family and no matter what, we'll have to face each other at the end of the day... Anyways, I just wanna take this opportunity to wish the 2 most important person a very, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

I like to think that I inherited both of their personality. I inherited my mother's fiery temper and understanding and my dad's gift of writing and socializing! Unfortunately, I did not inherit my dad's musical talents or my mom's fair skin!

Happy 21st Anniversary, Eddy Goh + Chin Poh Yoke! 23 years and still going strong, I hope!

DISCLAIMER: This post was written in November and was automatically posted as programmed because the whole family will be in Penang celebrating their anniversary. Will be back ASAP! Till then, enjoy!

~you know I heart them~
Michelle May

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kuala Selangor

A girl figure wishing something... Can someone who knows chinese characters help me out?

I know I'm a poor excuse for a Chinese (but you can't blame me cause of the circumstances!) and do help me out here...

The view from the top! Being on top feels so good!! Now I know why everyone wants to be on top!

Beautiful colors brought out the fine skills of the figurine!

The temple with the huge rock on top! Really lovely temple... I somehow, feel peaceful!

The food we enjoyed; Coconut prawns, fresh steamed fish, crabs in fried noodles and la la. Very yummy!!

The restaurant is very elusive; Turn left after the wet market and go along a tiny road and you'll see the restaurant right in front! I have no idea about the the exact directions, sorry!

Since we were so bored and A. Sen Heng (Tammy's mom) wanted to go somewhere, we decided to go to Kuala Selangor. It's less than 2 hours drive from Puchong and it's a little fishing village community and the people there are mostly Chinese.

You know how small towns go, simple food, simple cooking, simple life... Very laid back and relaxed atmosphere. I don't normally like places like these but once in a while, visiting such places makes you feel very blessed that we have so much!

Anyways, I loved the little undeveloped place. Even the cooking was good! Really good trip but on the way, I saw a cow at the middle of the road bleeding, I guess it got knocked down by a car but I didn't see any cars! Seriously, how on earth could you knock a huge ass cow down in the middle of the day???

It was such a sad scene!!! All the other cows at the side of the road was trying to get to the injured cow but they couldn't... They looked so sad and worried. I could almost see the concern in their faces and I was shocked because they're cows!!!

Then, I remembered why I refused to eat them!!! Well, after the accident, I can't remember a lot of stuff and yea, I forgot why I don't eat red meat! Now, I remembered why; it's because they're so much like us. They have feeling and thoughts. They will actually cry (with real tears!) when the know that they're supposed to be slaughtered!

Anyways, it was a great trip!

~you know I like it~
Michelle May

Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad!!!

A very lazy Lourdes Skipper Maximillian Casino Precious Cognac wishing everyone a very, Merry Christmas!!! Lotsa woofs, xoox! (x= paws o=licks)

Christmas is nothing without some sexy candy canes!!! There's something about candy canes that makes me feel so Christmassy!!! Makes me feel all warm and toasty inside, like I believe in magic and fairy tales and the feeling of falling in love! These are from Famous Amos!

Current travel plan:

January 16th: Phuket, Thailand
May 3rd: Tj. Sepat
May 17th: Malacca
May 23rd: Penang
June 8th: Ipoh
June 20th: K. Pilah
June 23rd: K.Terengganu
June 24th: Redang
July 12th: Jugra
July 24th: Shanghai
July 27th: Hangzhou
August 23rd: Cameron Highlands
August 30th: Ijok
October 1st: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
October 20th: Bandung, Indonesia
November 25th: Genting
December 26th: K. Selangor
December 28th: Penang
January: Taiwan (PENDING)
Jan/Feb: Hong Kong/ Macau (PENDING)
February: Australia(PENDING)

I'm really blessed this year that all my travel plans I made at the beginning of year was successful!!! I technically went everywhere I planned to visit and more!!! This year, I was single and I had so many relationships that I wasn't prepared to sort out, so I did the next best thing; I ran away.

My parents spoil me in that sense. They encourage me to go away and even give me the means to leave for a couple of days, so I don't have to face my problems. After disappearing for some time, I tend to disappear completely.

People are always wondering where in the world I am right now! After being with Ah Beng, all my plans change. Meeting him wasn't part of the plan, let alone being with him... I used to be able to drop everything and leave and now, I just don't feel like leaving or going away anymore.

I guess, I found my reason to stay. Nic said that my life is "high rolling/ high flying" and he can't keep up with me and that's why he can't be with me. I know that guys don't like listening to this but one of the main reason I love Ah Beng because he's constant as the stars.

I know he'll always be around and he's just a call away. I hate it when people leave me. All my life I've cried because people left me. Even though they came back, I could only remember the way I felt when they left. That's one of the reason why I normally leave someone first. I'd rather them hurt than me. Call it my defence mechanism.

Because of him, I'm cancelling Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau... I never could imagine me doing things like this!!! I thought I was selfish and all but... Oh well, I guess people change! And oh, it's CHRISTMAS!!!! My clock shows 12:00AM, 25th December!!! MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *throws confetti* May the season bless you all with the happiness and love I'm feeling now...

I just wanna say thank you to Ah Beng for making me happy and being there for me (he doesn't like to talk but he will talk just to entertain me!) for almost 4 months now... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ah Beng!!! I <3 you!! (as in Ho'oponopono love!)

DISCLAIMER: Ah Beng doesn't refer to a Chinese la la Ah Beng. It's just our little term of endearment for each other... I call him Ah Beng and he calls me something else which shall remain private and at least we don't call each other the common terms of endearment!!!

~you know I do~
Michelle May

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What We Did....

Isn't the deco at Curve lovely and romantic? Was here because of Redbox! My dear Chin Joo Ee, Natalie was so "syok" singing karaoke but because 1U sucks we ended up at Redbox in Curve. I never sang so much!!! After she left, I had another round with Mr. Ken, Yoke Kheng, Jia Ling, Kevin and etc... Was singing will 11PM!!

While waiting for Santau to start!! I had to kiss Astro Boy... Too bad, he didn't turn into a prince!

Next, I kissed a frog! Too bad, he didn't even turn into a prince too!!! Oh, Prince, where art thou????

For the fisrt time on my blog, I present to you.... Zuley Boy (as in like, Astro Boy!) lol!! or Maestro Zul!!!

ROFL LMAO LOL!!! Both looks too funny!! They were meant for each other!!!

Schooooooooo CUTE!!!! You should hear him say "schoooo cute!!!" Makes you laugh your ass off!!!

  • Natalie Chin my very cute SINGLE cousin!

    Granpa's resting place... It's so weird since we always say "We're visiting grandpa" like he's alive..

  • Adrian THE NINJA before transforming into TRANSFORMERS!!!!

    It's been a hectic week! A. Serena, U. Roland and Xavier arrived earlier than expected and we ended up going shopping instead. I can tell you that we stimulated the economy at 1 Utama in a BIG way!! Met Adrian (Mr. Transformers) and too bad, didn't manage to take a picture with him...

    On Monday, Met up with Natalie Chin, Zuley Boy and my bro for a movie. We watched Santau which was scary!! Thank God I wasn't sleeping alone or I would have nightmares!! We decided to sing 5 songs in those tiny booths at 1U but it wasn't satisfying cause the songs suck and the mic didn't work.

    So, we (the 2 girls) decided to go to a proper karaoke place in Curve. Redbox was so cheap!! We sang from 5.30PM to 7.30PM, and we only paid around 10MYR each!!! And it comes with 2 drinks.. Oh, you need a Redbox membership card and your student ID!! We finally sang and danced till forever and after walking her to her car, KARAOKE ROUND 2 start!!!

    Had so much fun watching Mr. Ken let loose and jumping on the couch and screaming like a girl (at one time singing Lovin' You!) and a rockstar the next!!! Had buffet dinner (the food wasn't bad!) and sang till 11PM ish with Mr. Ken, Yoke Kheng, Jia Ling, Kevin, Little Jae Sheng and pictures will be up once I get them!! Real fun!!

    The next day, went over to Chynar's for some of my fav Turkmenistan food; Plov!!! No one can cook Plov the way Chynar does!!! So darn good!!! Met her fiance Arslan and we just ate, talked and watch lots of Russell Peters!!! Thyey're both great together and they dropped me off at Tropicana at around 7PM plus. Yea, I was there the whole day!!!

    Then decided to go to Artista at Tropicana Mall. It was disappointing because I thought it was a bar and I wanted some cocktails but ended up having beer as usual.. The best part, the bartender was none other than my cousin Ariff!!! We just had a good time talking about stuff until Ah Beng came... Went Christmas tree shopping but didn't buy anything... Just nice to walk around, taking in all the red, white, gold and everything that sparkles!

    Finally came home after 2 days at 11PM plus... Have to spend the coming days doing chores, finalizing some stuff for Penang and hopefully book the tickets to Aussie. Right now, my aunt, uncle and cousin are probably having so much fun in Japan!!! And yea, I miss Ah Beng already....

    This Christmas, I don't want presents... Unlike last year and years before, where I have a list longer than Santa's naughty list!!! I have everything I ever could wish for and more! Now, I just want su corazón... Right now, I own part of it, I want todo a su...

    Le di mi todo y a veces, puedo ver y sentir que me ama tanto que, pero necesito saber cómo se siente acerca de mí. Yo lo adoro mucho y sus besos son los mejores! Me encanta cuando me besa y me hace sentir tan seguros, queridos y es como una reafirmación de que él me ama! Si sólo se puede saber si alguien te ama a través de un beso!

    Tú eres mi corazón, soy tuyo?

    ~you know I do~
    Michelle May
  • Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Al-Jazeera: Simon Harrison

    This is a long overdue post because Samuel Lee refused to give me the pictures until I begged and grovelled for months!!! It was supposed to be published on the 21st of August 2009! LOL! Anyways, it was a very interesting talk about Al Jazeera. Personally, I'm not a fan of the media world even though my area of study is about the media.

    One of the main concern is that the media is constantly manipulating those who are not well educated. The first thing we studied about television is that TV is a medium for the uneducated because unlike newspapers; you need to know how to read. Technically, TV is for people who are lazy and stupid because one doesn't need skills to use the TV.

    Those who watched Russell Peters (the comedian!) would also know that he said the media especially TV is very suggestive. The will first show a picture of Chinese people and the next image is a car crash, or the will show a picture of Arabs and the next image is an explosion.. They present it in a tasteful manner like, What do you think? and people who are watching it will go, "HA!! I KNEW IT!!!"

    This is called racial profiling and stereotyping. Whatever happened to the true essence of TV? TV as a form of entertainment and news which are informative not suggestive! Anyways, it's just my 2 cents worth and it doesn't mean anything.

    Back to the talk, it was a good and informative since we're more aware of Al Jazeera works.

    Credit goes to Samuel Lee for the pictures! Thank you so much and now, could I please have the final presentation pictures?

    ~you know I will~
    Michelle May

    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    Shit Happens!

    I keep seeing that so many of my friends are graduating. Me too, after I finalize my general credit from Murdoch. It's good to graduate!!! Madrekins was casually mentioning about my 22 years of living and I realised that I have accomplished so much on my own. I have to of course, thank God for blessing an unbeliever and thank my family for providing.

    The title of this post is misleading... Shit didn't happen this time. Just some random scribble of what's on my mind at 12:16AM!!! Padrekins is like a little kid!!! He's excited about his gig! You see, he was a musician before he met Madrekins and Uncle Alex booked a whole bar/pub/club just for Padrekins, Uncle David and some people to play. We're of course invited and I'm going for the free flow!!! Event will take place on 4th Jan!!!

    Christmas came early and the furnitures that we ordered for Christmas came early and the house is very Christmassy now!!! Spent the whole day arranging, rearranging and cleaning!!! Tedious, I tell you!!! Unfortunately, we won't be home to enjoy our Christmas home!!! Will be busy since A. Serena, U. Roland and Xavier is coming back for Christmas and will be entertaining them.

    Will be celebrating the Parental's anniversary in Penang!!! I intend to be right over there, under the coconut tree sipping Margarita(s) or any alcohol beverages!!!

    Won't be around till 2010 and will be celebrating CNY this year in..... AUSSIE!!!!Planning in progress! Parentals want me to stay there for a while.. Take it easy and a change of environment. I think it would be good too... Changes are good!

    After the accident, a lot of things happened and changed. I used to be so certain about my principles and myself. Now, I'm slowly learning about myself everyday!!! I no longer know this person living in this body. I feel like I'm constantly losing myself and my self control. Everyday, I have to wake up and learn new things about myself. I know that I cannot remember certain things and I don't feel like myself.

    Parentals are kind of worried because they noticed that I'm different. They cannot tell what changed but they know that I'm not the same Michelle. I just have to take everyday as a challenge. Learn things that I thought I once knew....

    ~you know I'm different~
    Michelle May

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Manhattan Fish Market and Town Park

    This was at the Town Park. It's huge and I'm too tired to walk the whole park in my wedges!!

    The Town Park @ Bandar Puteri is really nice!! Shady with lots of trees or "foliages" as I call them!

    It's not Christmas until you hear the sounds of trumpet, horn, oboe and other musical instrument that I cannot name.

    This is a designer cake for babies!! It's so adorably cute because it comes with little lady bug and giraffe cupcakes!!!

    This is for shopaholics!!! The bag design on top of the cake is just so gorgeous!!! If only they manufactured bags!!!

    This cake is for 1 year olds!!! Little elephant popping out of a box! Really cute!!! This cake costs 230MYR. You can find out more at Pastis, Gardens Mid Valley. It's right outside Isetan.

    The Christmas tree was so tall and huge for Malaysian standards!!! But I would prefer it if it was slightly wider!!! Now, it just looks off balance!!

    Seafood Platter for 2 at Manhattan Fish Market at Mid Valley! Mediterranean rice covered with fish fillet, 4 prawns, 10 calamari rings, mussels and fries!!! (and lemon wedges!) Me and Madrekins couldn't finish it and we have to literally stuff ourselves!!! I suggest 3 person could polish the whole thing off!!!

    The had to "flambe" the prawns before serving so that it'll taste good. And the verdict? IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! The prawns had a slight charred taste and everything was fried to crisp!!!

    We moderately enjoyed this Fried Mushroom. You can go there now and when you order the mushroom, you'll automatically get a Christmas pack. It's for charity (turtles to be exact!) and it includes a free Fried Mushroom (which they will offset from your bill!), Christmas wrapping paper and a loyalty card!!! It's worth 10MYR, but it's free if you order the Fried Mushroom.

    Since Selangor is on holiday, decided to go down to KL for some shopping and wasting time with Madrekins. I was feeling festive the Christmas tradition of ours is to visit big malls and bask in their Christmas deco!!!

    The most gorgeous Christmas deco winner or Year 2007 was Queensbay Mall, Penang. Year 2008 was The Gardens, Mid Valley. Year 2009 will be announced soon!!! My favourite festivals are Octoberfest, Christmas and Halloween!!! (not in any order!)

    Anyways, was kinda disappointed in Garden's deco this year!!! Last year was really gorgeous!!! There were huge cages, and you can literally feel the Christmas spirit in the air!!! 1 Utama's theme was Candyland last year and it felt more like a normal theme than a Christmas theme!

    Queensbay Mall was my favourite in 2007 because of their White Christmas theme! It was so beautiful, you'll imagine snow to fall!!! Last year, the fam went to Phuket, Thailand and I can say that I still love Christmas in Singapore!!! I'm thinking of going to Singapore to see the deco, Anyone wanna join?

    Was walking around Isetan and Madrekins suddenly decided to buy me Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for my Christmas!!! Spent 45 minutes deciding on the design and charm but then I decided that I wanted a watch instead!!!! I still want my Coach watch but if she's really generous, I would want the Hermes one!!! Or a more funtional gift; i.e: a phone!!!

    After getting home so late and getting yelled by her through the phone, I didn't expect her to be so generous and splurge on a Thomas Sabo for me!!! Guess, people are complicated!!! :)

    ~you think you hug me~
    Michelle May