Thursday, December 03, 2009

5 Minutes Cooking Class!!!

Let me make a little disclaimer: I AM NO COOK!!! I'm the type that burnt toast because I can't cook to save my life and I'm not a picky eater as well. I could eat the same thing for months because I can't cook!!! There was one point in my life where I ate salad with roast chicken (Tesco bought!) EVERYDAY for 6 months!!!

I just don't like to cook and I can't cook! I recently decided to be creative (Watched too much Nigella Lawson, David Rocco, Jamie Oliver, and my fav; Robert Rainford of License To Grill!) Well, to re-create my recipes, all you need is bread, eggs and Tesco bought chicken (Optional!)

This was my lunch for 5 months; Corn tossed with Grilled Chicken and Cranberries!!! Super fast to prep, that's why I loved it!!! Warm the chicken in the over for around 5 mins, boil the frozen corn and soak the cranberries in warm water. Mix it all together!! Simple and fast right?

This takes slightly 6-7 minutes! Beat the eggs, pour it into a frying pan and scatter grilled chicken pieces on it, Put a slice of bread while it's still watery until it's cooked. Then remove. After that, Repeat so that both sides of the bread is covered with yummy eggs and chicken!!! And yes, do eat it with a fork and a knife!! Since my Tesco chicken was black pepper, I didn't use any salt or pepper. But, you can do so!! You can even put fresh herbs!!!

This one takes some precision and you have to watch it like a hawk! Take 2 slices of bread and squash it down in the centre, Until it forms some sort of a crater. Put it into the oven and let it brown very slightly. Remove and crack an egg into the crater, sprinkle some salt and pepper or some fresh herbs if you wish, slowly return it to the oven and watch it until the egg turns white! And be my guest, enjoy it with your hands!!!

Will be having eggs with bread for the next 3 months with nothing but 8 bottles of water!!! So, hope you enjoy making these!!! If you are a lazy bum and not a picky eater like me!! So yea, I'm such an undomestic goddess!!! But you know you still love me!

~you know I'm an undomestic goddess~
Michelle May

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