Friday, December 11, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market and Town Park

This was at the Town Park. It's huge and I'm too tired to walk the whole park in my wedges!!

The Town Park @ Bandar Puteri is really nice!! Shady with lots of trees or "foliages" as I call them!

It's not Christmas until you hear the sounds of trumpet, horn, oboe and other musical instrument that I cannot name.

This is a designer cake for babies!! It's so adorably cute because it comes with little lady bug and giraffe cupcakes!!!

This is for shopaholics!!! The bag design on top of the cake is just so gorgeous!!! If only they manufactured bags!!!

This cake is for 1 year olds!!! Little elephant popping out of a box! Really cute!!! This cake costs 230MYR. You can find out more at Pastis, Gardens Mid Valley. It's right outside Isetan.

The Christmas tree was so tall and huge for Malaysian standards!!! But I would prefer it if it was slightly wider!!! Now, it just looks off balance!!

Seafood Platter for 2 at Manhattan Fish Market at Mid Valley! Mediterranean rice covered with fish fillet, 4 prawns, 10 calamari rings, mussels and fries!!! (and lemon wedges!) Me and Madrekins couldn't finish it and we have to literally stuff ourselves!!! I suggest 3 person could polish the whole thing off!!!

The had to "flambe" the prawns before serving so that it'll taste good. And the verdict? IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! The prawns had a slight charred taste and everything was fried to crisp!!!

We moderately enjoyed this Fried Mushroom. You can go there now and when you order the mushroom, you'll automatically get a Christmas pack. It's for charity (turtles to be exact!) and it includes a free Fried Mushroom (which they will offset from your bill!), Christmas wrapping paper and a loyalty card!!! It's worth 10MYR, but it's free if you order the Fried Mushroom.

Since Selangor is on holiday, decided to go down to KL for some shopping and wasting time with Madrekins. I was feeling festive the Christmas tradition of ours is to visit big malls and bask in their Christmas deco!!!

The most gorgeous Christmas deco winner or Year 2007 was Queensbay Mall, Penang. Year 2008 was The Gardens, Mid Valley. Year 2009 will be announced soon!!! My favourite festivals are Octoberfest, Christmas and Halloween!!! (not in any order!)

Anyways, was kinda disappointed in Garden's deco this year!!! Last year was really gorgeous!!! There were huge cages, and you can literally feel the Christmas spirit in the air!!! 1 Utama's theme was Candyland last year and it felt more like a normal theme than a Christmas theme!

Queensbay Mall was my favourite in 2007 because of their White Christmas theme! It was so beautiful, you'll imagine snow to fall!!! Last year, the fam went to Phuket, Thailand and I can say that I still love Christmas in Singapore!!! I'm thinking of going to Singapore to see the deco, Anyone wanna join?

Was walking around Isetan and Madrekins suddenly decided to buy me Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for my Christmas!!! Spent 45 minutes deciding on the design and charm but then I decided that I wanted a watch instead!!!! I still want my Coach watch but if she's really generous, I would want the Hermes one!!! Or a more funtional gift; i.e: a phone!!!

After getting home so late and getting yelled by her through the phone, I didn't expect her to be so generous and splurge on a Thomas Sabo for me!!! Guess, people are complicated!!! :)

~you think you hug me~
Michelle May

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