Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad!!!

A very lazy Lourdes Skipper Maximillian Casino Precious Cognac wishing everyone a very, Merry Christmas!!! Lotsa woofs, xoox! (x= paws o=licks)

Christmas is nothing without some sexy candy canes!!! There's something about candy canes that makes me feel so Christmassy!!! Makes me feel all warm and toasty inside, like I believe in magic and fairy tales and the feeling of falling in love! These are from Famous Amos!

Current travel plan:

January 16th: Phuket, Thailand
May 3rd: Tj. Sepat
May 17th: Malacca
May 23rd: Penang
June 8th: Ipoh
June 20th: K. Pilah
June 23rd: K.Terengganu
June 24th: Redang
July 12th: Jugra
July 24th: Shanghai
July 27th: Hangzhou
August 23rd: Cameron Highlands
August 30th: Ijok
October 1st: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
October 20th: Bandung, Indonesia
November 25th: Genting
December 26th: K. Selangor
December 28th: Penang
January: Taiwan (PENDING)
Jan/Feb: Hong Kong/ Macau (PENDING)
February: Australia(PENDING)

I'm really blessed this year that all my travel plans I made at the beginning of year was successful!!! I technically went everywhere I planned to visit and more!!! This year, I was single and I had so many relationships that I wasn't prepared to sort out, so I did the next best thing; I ran away.

My parents spoil me in that sense. They encourage me to go away and even give me the means to leave for a couple of days, so I don't have to face my problems. After disappearing for some time, I tend to disappear completely.

People are always wondering where in the world I am right now! After being with Ah Beng, all my plans change. Meeting him wasn't part of the plan, let alone being with him... I used to be able to drop everything and leave and now, I just don't feel like leaving or going away anymore.

I guess, I found my reason to stay. Nic said that my life is "high rolling/ high flying" and he can't keep up with me and that's why he can't be with me. I know that guys don't like listening to this but one of the main reason I love Ah Beng because he's constant as the stars.

I know he'll always be around and he's just a call away. I hate it when people leave me. All my life I've cried because people left me. Even though they came back, I could only remember the way I felt when they left. That's one of the reason why I normally leave someone first. I'd rather them hurt than me. Call it my defence mechanism.

Because of him, I'm cancelling Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau... I never could imagine me doing things like this!!! I thought I was selfish and all but... Oh well, I guess people change! And oh, it's CHRISTMAS!!!! My clock shows 12:00AM, 25th December!!! MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *throws confetti* May the season bless you all with the happiness and love I'm feeling now...

I just wanna say thank you to Ah Beng for making me happy and being there for me (he doesn't like to talk but he will talk just to entertain me!) for almost 4 months now... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ah Beng!!! I <3 you!! (as in Ho'oponopono love!)

DISCLAIMER: Ah Beng doesn't refer to a Chinese la la Ah Beng. It's just our little term of endearment for each other... I call him Ah Beng and he calls me something else which shall remain private and at least we don't call each other the common terms of endearment!!!

~you know I do~
Michelle May

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