Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This is the most recent picture on one of our trips to Tj. Sepat! Silly me, they were actually facing the sea.. Wrong camera angle!

This was on top a hill overlooking the whole Phuket Island! This was where they celebrated their Anniversary last year!

This was in the Thailand Imperial Palace during Chinese New Year. The weather was really warm so, no one was really smiling!

This is a very old picture of their wedding day! It was on my grandma's (My dad's mom!) wall for so many years and when she moved on, it is just collecting dust on my parent's dressing table!

I never really said this but I LOVE LOVE my parents! (And no, they didn't pay me an exhorbitant amount or bribe me with MAJOR shopping purchases!) It's funny that people actually thought Madrekins was a single parent growing up! If we weren't travelling with Padrekins, we used to live with Granma and Madrekins.

I realised something this year because I was very emotional this year. I've got my sad months and I noticed that my parents will give me whatever I want provided that it's within means!(And that includes 700MYR shopping sprees, travelling expenses, etc!)

I remembered that from May onwards, I had this crazy idea to visit Malaysia and my parents religiously took me all over the place every weekend! I remember this one particular trip where we drove to Ipoh for breakfast because I missed the food and then we drove up to Cameron Highlands!

There are so many things that my parents did for me that I wouldn't do for myself!!! I guess they are the coolest parents any kid could ever wish for! Maybe, just maybe, it's also the reason I'm so spoilt and single! I'm so used to getting what I want and my parents are great providers that I don't need a guy to provide for me!

If I do go on a date, I insist on paying myself because let's face it, I can pay more than any date could ever afford! If I like something, my parents will get it for me and it just defeats the purpose of a BF! Certain girls use their BFs as ATM, drivers, etc and I have all that... Hence, I don't find a reason to have a BF!

My parents are great! Sometimes, I have no idea if my Mom is my mom or my friend. She's fun and we all talk about sex unlike parents. My dad taught me well. I need to work hard for what I want and the importance of being happy! He holds 3 jobs and if he's not happy, he'll just quit.

I really adore mi familia and I credit them that I turn out to be such a well read, well travelled, independent and hardworking person. I know that they will fulfill my wishes if I asked! How many parents will do that for their child?

I mean, they do piss me off occasionally but we're family and no matter what, we'll have to face each other at the end of the day... Anyways, I just wanna take this opportunity to wish the 2 most important person a very, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

I like to think that I inherited both of their personality. I inherited my mother's fiery temper and understanding and my dad's gift of writing and socializing! Unfortunately, I did not inherit my dad's musical talents or my mom's fair skin!

Happy 21st Anniversary, Eddy Goh + Chin Poh Yoke! 23 years and still going strong, I hope!

DISCLAIMER: This post was written in November and was automatically posted as programmed because the whole family will be in Penang celebrating their anniversary. Will be back ASAP! Till then, enjoy!

~you know I heart them~
Michelle May

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