Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Penang for The Parental's Anniversary!

My little half Vietnamese cousins! (To me, as long as we're related, we're cousins!) They're twins!!! Can you tell?

This is the younger twin! He just woke up and he has such huge round eyes!!! He's so cute!!!

I love being in the spotlight! Actually, our room has a great balcony and as you can see, a breath-taking view!

The rooms were very clean and nice. I hate the beds though! The bed creaks everytime you move! I was so sick (sick as a dog!) and I was so uncomfortable!

The view from the balcony! The pool people plays Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga on repeat!! At first, I was just dancing, then, it gets annoying!

With Uncle Law, you can never go hungry! After kuey teow, he kept the food coming for 2 hours!!! Grilled squid and veggie, smoked sotong, otak otak, keropok, mua chi, ikan bakar, and lots of beer!

Just chilling with Darrell by the sea.

Isn't he schooooooooo cute?!

Sometimes, I just have no idea what he does!

Darrell and Uncle Law!

If you want the best fried kuey teow in Penang, come to Gurney Drive and look for Uncle Law! This is Uncle Law's shop! Most delicious kuey teow.. EVER! I never eat kuey teow anywhere else!

While Uncle Law was busy chatting with us, Yi Poh (Grandma's Sister!) and kor kor (again, my cousin!) has to fry the kuey teow!

Had a not very nice dinner at Eden. Enjoyed the cultural show though! 1Malaysia dances!

Had to cam whore amongst those fishes and sea creatures! Looking at all these aquatic creatures, no wonder I'm afraid of the sea!

The hotel that we lived in; Flamingo by the beach... And no, How I wished it was THE Flamingo in Vegas!!!

I thought the plan was perfect for the big day; I booked the rooms, supposed to have a nice dinner in The Ship, visit yi poh and Uncle Law, beer, alcohol, play a round of pool, beach, more alcohol, food, eat, shop and visit places!

No matter how much you plan or whatever, shit happens. Everyone fell asleep and only woke up at 6.30pm. By the time everyone got dressed and finally went to the restaurant, it was almost 8PM!! Since I thought we would have gone out for dinner at around 7PM and it was a Monday, none of us thought about booking. So, we ended up eating at eden instead.

We wanted a simple Western foon and eden served high end lobster kind of food and 2 days ago, we already had so much of seafood at Kuala Selangor. Besides, I wasn't feeling well... I was having fever and a very bad sore throat... I know, the perfect time for all sorts of illness!

Anyways, after eating some not very nice food at eden, we went to Gurney Drive to meet Uncle Law and as usual, he kept the food coming and coming and we (the rest of the family except me!)ate till we couldn't eat anymore... Was there till 12AM and it was fun, felt like real Penangites! Couldn't drink any beer since I was almost literally dying! At that time, I really couldn't decide which was worst... Not being able to drink or the pain of sore throat?

The next day, we were supposed to visit the new Kek Lok Si temple but we visited Uncle Law instead and the twins are seriously sooooooo cute!!! They're half Vietnamese and you just feel like having your own babies once you see them!!! They're absolutely adorable and I would want one of those (I mean, babies!) when I can afford to give them the world!

Got home and Darrell had to take me to the doctor. There was bacterial infection and low blood pressure hence, the sore throat, fever and dizziness. I haven't been eating since Kuala Selangor and it sucks!!! I have to go back to Penang to eat and to go to the beach!!!!

~you know I can~
Michelle May

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