Monday, December 07, 2009

Peranakan Place (lunch) and Umai-Ya Sushi (dinner)

Peranakan PLace at 1 Utama, Lot: F221C, 1st Floor, Promenade Shops! (Right in front of Hush Puppies and My News Cafe! ONECard is accepted here and you can call them at +60377288728.

This is everything that we had. There were 4 of us and we had rice and plain water. The total bill was around 95MYR.

This was the otak otak. It was delicious but I'm not a fan of otak otak and after 1 tiny spoon, I still didn't like otak otak. The rest thought that it was too spicy!!!

This is Honey Fried Sotong which was very good!!! The honey made it just nice with a touch of stickyness!! Loves it!

This was the Assam Fish. Not bad as well since they were generous with the fish, aubergine and ladies finger!!! The assam is just nice with a dose of fresh mint!

This was the Lala Omelette. It was just average. Appropriate amount of lalas and it doesn't taste too bad!

This was extremely good! This was Chicken Curry or Chicken Rendang I can't remember but I was hooked, after my first bite! Each of us only had 1 piece so, even if you wanted more, there's none! The sauce is so good that you I didn't know which to mix in my rice! (Assam or curry?)

Overall, we were quite pleased with this restaurant. Unfortunately, service was kinda slow even though we were the first customers in the restaurant! The staff was friendly though... The price is about 5MYR more expensive than outside but you can't complain since it's in a mall.

We went to Umai-Ya at IOI Boulevard, A-GF-40. BLOCK A, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya. You can see it from the main road and it's directly infront of IOI Mall. It's located in the new building.

A sushi dinner for 4 with Ocha and Coke and 11 types of sushi costs approximately 132MYR.

The deco is very minimalistic and it's comfy. You can have your little cove if you have a huge party!

This was the Ebi Ko Sushi and at least the sushi is fresh!

Soft Shell Crab Maki and Sake Maki. I still prefer the ones from Sushi Zanmai!!!

The Salmon Sushi.

The Salmon Sashimi which came in a beautiful presentation!!!

This was Ebi Tempura Maki.

Isn't the presentation lovely??? It costs 22MYR for one!!! But it's very filling. Bro and Dad couldn't eat anymore sushi after this since they were expecting thin slices like the ones in Sakae Sushi!

Umai-Ya is just OK. Nothing much to shout about. Personally, Sushi Zanmai wins HANDS DOWN!!! It doesn't even come close to Sushi Zanmai! My review is entirely only for the one at IOI Boulevard. It isn't representative of other branches. I am entitled to my say even though I'm a firm believer in "If you have nothing nice to say, Just Shut The Fcuk Up (STFU)"

The service here was really bad. The waiter could barely understand what we said and we don't even understand what he said! Secondly, the waiters are all busy and takes forever to notice us. Thirdly, I'm not sure what they were doing in the kitchen but it took them 45 minutes and they still haven't cooked Mother's food! We ended up cancelling her order because everyone has finished eating and they wanted us to wait for another 10 minutes!!!

It is also a tad bit expensive compared to Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi. We're sushi people, we know our sushi!!! If they only spend less time on putting flowers on salmon, we would have a smooth dinner. Takes them another 10 minutes to notice us and etc... Obviously, dinner was spoilt because of them. Highly doubt that we'll go back there... Don't bother going there too, unless you want your dinner to be ruined!

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Michelle May

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