Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shit Happens!

I keep seeing that so many of my friends are graduating. Me too, after I finalize my general credit from Murdoch. It's good to graduate!!! Madrekins was casually mentioning about my 22 years of living and I realised that I have accomplished so much on my own. I have to of course, thank God for blessing an unbeliever and thank my family for providing.

The title of this post is misleading... Shit didn't happen this time. Just some random scribble of what's on my mind at 12:16AM!!! Padrekins is like a little kid!!! He's excited about his gig! You see, he was a musician before he met Madrekins and Uncle Alex booked a whole bar/pub/club just for Padrekins, Uncle David and some people to play. We're of course invited and I'm going for the free flow!!! Event will take place on 4th Jan!!!

Christmas came early and the furnitures that we ordered for Christmas came early and the house is very Christmassy now!!! Spent the whole day arranging, rearranging and cleaning!!! Tedious, I tell you!!! Unfortunately, we won't be home to enjoy our Christmas home!!! Will be busy since A. Serena, U. Roland and Xavier is coming back for Christmas and will be entertaining them.

Will be celebrating the Parental's anniversary in Penang!!! I intend to be right over there, under the coconut tree sipping Margarita(s) or any alcohol beverages!!!

Won't be around till 2010 and will be celebrating CNY this year in..... AUSSIE!!!!Planning in progress! Parentals want me to stay there for a while.. Take it easy and a change of environment. I think it would be good too... Changes are good!

After the accident, a lot of things happened and changed. I used to be so certain about my principles and myself. Now, I'm slowly learning about myself everyday!!! I no longer know this person living in this body. I feel like I'm constantly losing myself and my self control. Everyday, I have to wake up and learn new things about myself. I know that I cannot remember certain things and I don't feel like myself.

Parentals are kind of worried because they noticed that I'm different. They cannot tell what changed but they know that I'm not the same Michelle. I just have to take everyday as a challenge. Learn things that I thought I once knew....

~you know I'm different~
Michelle May

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