Saturday, December 05, 2009

Somewhere In The World, It's Happy Hour!!

This is how I look when I'm tipsy!!! I'm a really nice person when I'm tipsy... Ask my friends about my drunkard stories and they're classics!!!

I love drinking - Asher Roth in I Love College!!! We were laughing at virtually everything because it was funny!!!

Me loves me Bacardi Rum on the rocks!!! *laughs* No other way!!! Isn't she a lovely???? Ohhhhh, Bacardi!

Look at us... Not even 3PM and we have so many glasses on the table... Technically, I have more glasses!!! *laughs*

That's why we're sisters... I drink like an Indian!!! And she likes alcohol on the rocks too! :)

The bar at Dave's... I'm always distracted by the Bacardi, Malibu, Johnny Walkers, Chivas bottles... The bartender is real nice and I love the complimentary sweets and poppadoms!!! :)

A supposedly nice picture of the both of us... We took so many pictures and most of them aren't nice coz we're laughing and crap!

This is my very pretty Strawberry Daiquiri (I got extra alcohol since I asked very sweetly!)

Friday is my favourite day of the week! You wanna know why? Cause that's the time where my weekend officially starts! Time for gossip sessions, parties, drinking, well technically time to indulge in all my vices!

This Friday was hectic since I was very delayed in meeting Shini, resulting in her almost starving to death and I was 45 minutes late! Apparently, only she can have Indian timing and not me!

I had to drop "him" off at work cause his car was in the garage and he's such a bum that it's virtually impossible to wake him up!!! He really has a problem and whenever we're together, we're ALWAYS LATE because he's a dwadle!!! It's just too bad that I am actually happy with such a bum and a dwadle!!!

~you know it's happy hour~
Michelle May

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