Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What We Did....

Isn't the deco at Curve lovely and romantic? Was here because of Redbox! My dear Chin Joo Ee, Natalie was so "syok" singing karaoke but because 1U sucks we ended up at Redbox in Curve. I never sang so much!!! After she left, I had another round with Mr. Ken, Yoke Kheng, Jia Ling, Kevin and etc... Was singing will 11PM!!

While waiting for Santau to start!! I had to kiss Astro Boy... Too bad, he didn't turn into a prince!

Next, I kissed a frog! Too bad, he didn't even turn into a prince too!!! Oh, Prince, where art thou????

For the fisrt time on my blog, I present to you.... Zuley Boy (as in like, Astro Boy!) lol!! or Maestro Zul!!!

ROFL LMAO LOL!!! Both looks too funny!! They were meant for each other!!!

Schooooooooo CUTE!!!! You should hear him say "schoooo cute!!!" Makes you laugh your ass off!!!

  • Natalie Chin my very cute SINGLE cousin!

    Granpa's resting place... It's so weird since we always say "We're visiting grandpa" like he's alive..

  • Adrian THE NINJA before transforming into TRANSFORMERS!!!!

    It's been a hectic week! A. Serena, U. Roland and Xavier arrived earlier than expected and we ended up going shopping instead. I can tell you that we stimulated the economy at 1 Utama in a BIG way!! Met Adrian (Mr. Transformers) and too bad, didn't manage to take a picture with him...

    On Monday, Met up with Natalie Chin, Zuley Boy and my bro for a movie. We watched Santau which was scary!! Thank God I wasn't sleeping alone or I would have nightmares!! We decided to sing 5 songs in those tiny booths at 1U but it wasn't satisfying cause the songs suck and the mic didn't work.

    So, we (the 2 girls) decided to go to a proper karaoke place in Curve. Redbox was so cheap!! We sang from 5.30PM to 7.30PM, and we only paid around 10MYR each!!! And it comes with 2 drinks.. Oh, you need a Redbox membership card and your student ID!! We finally sang and danced till forever and after walking her to her car, KARAOKE ROUND 2 start!!!

    Had so much fun watching Mr. Ken let loose and jumping on the couch and screaming like a girl (at one time singing Lovin' You!) and a rockstar the next!!! Had buffet dinner (the food wasn't bad!) and sang till 11PM ish with Mr. Ken, Yoke Kheng, Jia Ling, Kevin, Little Jae Sheng and pictures will be up once I get them!! Real fun!!

    The next day, went over to Chynar's for some of my fav Turkmenistan food; Plov!!! No one can cook Plov the way Chynar does!!! So darn good!!! Met her fiance Arslan and we just ate, talked and watch lots of Russell Peters!!! Thyey're both great together and they dropped me off at Tropicana at around 7PM plus. Yea, I was there the whole day!!!

    Then decided to go to Artista at Tropicana Mall. It was disappointing because I thought it was a bar and I wanted some cocktails but ended up having beer as usual.. The best part, the bartender was none other than my cousin Ariff!!! We just had a good time talking about stuff until Ah Beng came... Went Christmas tree shopping but didn't buy anything... Just nice to walk around, taking in all the red, white, gold and everything that sparkles!

    Finally came home after 2 days at 11PM plus... Have to spend the coming days doing chores, finalizing some stuff for Penang and hopefully book the tickets to Aussie. Right now, my aunt, uncle and cousin are probably having so much fun in Japan!!! And yea, I miss Ah Beng already....

    This Christmas, I don't want presents... Unlike last year and years before, where I have a list longer than Santa's naughty list!!! I have everything I ever could wish for and more! Now, I just want su corazón... Right now, I own part of it, I want todo a su...

    Le di mi todo y a veces, puedo ver y sentir que me ama tanto que, pero necesito saber cómo se siente acerca de mí. Yo lo adoro mucho y sus besos son los mejores! Me encanta cuando me besa y me hace sentir tan seguros, queridos y es como una reafirmación de que él me ama! Si sólo se puede saber si alguien te ama a través de un beso!

    Tú eres mi corazón, soy tuyo?

    ~you know I do~
    Michelle May
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