Thursday, December 30, 2010

Iris Deandra and Her Aunty Michelle!

Since I'm back in Malaysia and it's been months since I saw my darling little girl, decided to pay them a visit. The last time I met her, she was so tiny, in her little crib sleeping.

Now, she's bigger and crawling all over the place and she tries standing up and she's moving her little hip to dance! She's so adorable, when she's tired, she just snuggles with us and falls asleep.

She's like an angel when she smiles and sometimes, it breaks my heart. She's so lovely and so beautiful. Her eyes are like Bambi's, big, round and black. My heart skips a beat when I'm carrying her and she's just starting to make little baby noises so, it's never a dull moment.

I cannot imagine loving another baby like this. My heart still skips a beat every time she smiles. I love her so much!!

*I have a new man in my life! or you can say a puppy. I adopted him as he was left outside the clinic and so pitifully he don't know anything and he followed me like his mother. He's extremely intelligent and he's able to do lots of wonderful things! I think I make him happy because he doesn't seem so depressed anymore... He's just perfect! Pictures of Scotty will be up soon!

~you know you do too~
Michelle May

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Accordions, Guitar and Guinea Pigs

The smaller one on the left is my little, sweet Emmylou and the bigger, rounder one is my Patrick!

They're adorable aren't they? Emmylou is named after my favorite song currently; Sweet Emmylou by Catherine Britt while Patrick is named after Patrick Star in SpongeBob SquarePants.

My Christmas present from The Father. He felt really guilty for donating my other guitar to charity and got himself a Les Paul electric guitar WHILE he already got a Gibson or a Fender electric guitar! It's preposterous to have 3 guitars in the house so, we have 2 now! No idea where he hid his guitar!

I love this accordion! Uncle Low got this as a present from Wendy (my cousin!) and he's really good at playing the accordion! It's fascinating just watching him play!

Besides the numerous clothes, shoes and bags I got from my mom, I got a guitar and a new addition to the family. I'm very grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life, not because they buy me stuff but because they love me unconditionally.

I don't even know how to play the guitar, I do know how to strum though and Father just bought a new guitar for me. Mother, on the other hand, takes me for shopping sprees in Singapore, eating only the fine food and the whole trip to Australia.

They have their limitations and I don't want anyone else to be my parents except them. Today, they are celebrating their 24th Anniversary. I'm proud to be intellectual like my father even though I hate my nose and I'm proud to be fierce like my mother.

I really thank God everyday for what and who I have in my life. I want a new lappie soon. Either a Macbook Air or a Sony Vaio... and the Parentals are supportive. Thank you God!!!

~you know I'm blessed~
Michelle May

La Gomera

Yan Yan was very curious as why the above mentioned restaurant is filled with people so, she decided to get us to try La Gomera's Spanish Buffet! Was impressed by their wide variety of food and even though it's not the real deal but it's a good fusion!

The only thing we hated was the parking! Can you imagine that we had to be escorted out of the building because we were lost (YES! AS IN LOST!) in the car park! No complains because I love all things Spanish and when it comes to buffet! It's 2 of my favorite words; Spanish buffet!

We had the Seafood Platter which was my absolute favorite! Chunks of mussells, clams, calamari, fish in a delicious soup! Another favorite is the paella and it's full of seafood again!

We went there after Christmas and we really had fun! Dinner lasted for 3 hours before we decided to leave and our laughter was the loudest in the restaurant! It was a really good night!!! Loved it!

The total Bill was 332 MYR for 7 adults and 1 child during dinner plus 4 bottles of Carlsberg. Yes, I just got back from Singapore. Will be heading back there soon! Care for a visit?

La Gomera
Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana.
Tel: 7710-0262

The King Louis Grill & Bar

The entrance to King Louis isn't your typical entrance in the mall. You have to go to the roof of the mall and then exit, to the restaurant! It's right next to Daiso!

I don't think anyone could miss the 2 medieval armored soldiers guarding the entrance! I love the whole medieval/European theme of the restaurant!

The menu is oh so fascinating! The dishes are named like Queen Christina, King Philip, Princess Something-something and all the English names! So quaint!

The mug is even medieval! Just a mug of water and isn't the mug just so cute? It's simple, but cute!

The centerpiece of the restaurant is another armored guy!

For starters, we ordered Platter A. The drummets were so crispy and delicious and so were the potato skins! This platter costs 17 SGD.

We had the Half pork Ribs which was so delicious! 8 bones of tender meat that falls off the bones and good marination because some ribs are marinated on top and tasteless at the bottom. This one was perfect! Half pork ribs costs 19 SGD.

For dessert, our nice waiter recommended the chocolate mousse. This is so heavenly as it's served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate mousse is do decadent that it simply melts in your mouth! In fact, I'm craving for it right now! The chocolate mousse costs 8 SGD!

When I suggested King Louis, I was so annoyed when I got there. I could barely find my way in a jam packed mall, let alone find my way up to the roof and into the restaurant!

Was too tired to even look for another restaurant so, decided to dine here instead! It's the best decision because I was craving for pork ribs and the meal really hit the spot added with the chocolate mousse for dessert, I could die and go to heaven! BEST RESTAURANT!!!

The bill for 2 came up to 52 SGD. All prices are in Singapore Dollars. And the service here isn't too bad either. The waiter was very nice! Interested? You can visit:

The King Louis Grill & Bar,
1 HarbourFront Walk Vivo City,
Tel: 62760862

~you know you want to~
Michelle May

Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore Girl!

My 2 favorite men; Mr. Hersheys and Mr. Reese's! Cover me with your chocolatey delight and slowly lick it off me! ROFL!

Singapore's version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory!!! Candies cover the walls from ceiling to floor and all sorts of chocolates and candies and colors! The extra amazing part? The M&M's merchandise, peep's merchandise and all candy merchandise! The store manager's very nice too! :)

M&M's heaven, here on earth and I love it!!! SO MUCH!!!

Hershey's is absolutely amazing at Chocolate World and the have everything Hershey's! From earphones to tees and coin boxes!

Huge ass Christmas tree at Sentosa, right outside Universal Studio!

Such a beautiful Christmas tree in Takashimaya and I love being amongst all the high street brand! Like Cartier? Fine purveyor of luxury goods!

This is the view from my Volkswagon Passat! LOL! If you're gonna be in Orchard Road, might as well do it in style! Lots of Lancers and Coopers all the way but we still look fly in our Passat!

Golden Christmas tree all brightly lit up all over the place around Orchard Road! There's even a Ferrero Rocher huge Christmas tree and a Nativity scene along Takashimaya!

The view of Resorts World Sentosa from Vivo City Mall!

Finally The Parentals visited Singapore and was showing Mother all the cool stuff in Singapore! In Sentosa, the most coolest places are Candylicious, Garrett's Popcorn, Universal Studios, Chocolate World, Victoria's Secret and Hard Rock Cafe!

We then, went to Vivo City with the FREE feeder bus and one of the bestest restaurant has got to be King Louis and Mother loved it there! Food will not be included here but will be in my next post! We also visited Ah Yee Margeret and she took us sightseeing!

I had an awesome trip to Singapore and I guess it's time to head back once everything is done!

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zoo Negara

All of my 23 years, I have not been to the zoo. Well, only once 6 years ago at the carpark to collect The Cocker Spaniel. That's it. The Father can't walk and The Mother thinks that the zoo is smelly. At the end of the day, I don't like going to the zoo alone so.... Go figure!

Then, befriended Dr. Eunice and we've been to most animal places! I really love and enjoy her company! We have the same interests and she's so much fun to be with! Well, she had some friends at the Zoo and I haven't been to the zoo, so.... A Day At The Zoo!!!

Well, all I can is that I've been to many zoos and Malaysia's zoo is just pathetic. It's not well maintained and the animals look sad. Anyways, we went there to visit the new residents of the zoo. The area is off limits to the general public but since we're in the veterinary/animal health we get to go in!

I shall not ruin the surprise for Zoo Negara but it's new residents are really adorable! For the record, every Malaysian should pay a visit to Zoo Negara. It's very educational and being amongst the animals, makes me a very happy person!

~you animal~
Michelle May