Monday, January 25, 2010

delicious @ Ms. Read

I twitted recently that I'm craving for delicious right? Well, it's been so long since we came here together and I never realised how much I missed the food!!! Me, Shini and Ili would be here EVERY WEEK!!!

For starters, we had the Grilled Chicken Cos Lettuce Salad. The delicious mix of grilled chicken, cranberries, avocado and lettuces really is yummy and healthy!!! I loved this dish because they are real generous with the chicken and the dressing isn't too heavy and it's just nice. You don't feel stuffed, you just feel like you're ready for the main course!

For the "main course", we ordered the Homemade Pesto with Chargrilled Chicken. It's loaded with cheese and chunks of Chargrilled Chicken with pesto! In case you didn't know, Pesto means crushed herbs originating in Northern Italy. This dish really hits the spot and since we share, we still have some space left for dessert!!!

For dessert, we had the Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova which was heavenly decadent!!! We were a little disappointed because they increased the price and we SWEAR that the size of the pavlova has shrunk!!! The strawberries were sweet, the cream wasn't runny but solid and the pavlova was crunchy on the outside and melt in your mouth sweet gooey inside! I was in heaven!!! The perfect ending to the perfect meal!

Today was a hectic day. I was supposed to meet Sammie to settle our graduation stuff and then meet Suha for our weekly session and then, go back to college to meet Tamz and maybe, apply for a job.

The PC (Programme Co-ordinator) was busy with classes and postphoned the meeting to tomorrow or Thursday and I ended up spending more time with Suha. When girls get together, they talk and discuss and spending time with her, made me feel so blessed to have a sister like her..

Then, had to rush to KDU and meet Tamz and spend the whole time talking to her about life and feeling so old!!! We're both facing the same dilemma of having to choose between romance and work. Me? Iit's more complicated than that! But it's along those lines...

Had breakfast with Bro today and I never really knew that he got it worst than I do now from The Parentals. Like I mentioned, I can't remember a lot of stuff after the accident and I guess I forgot how tough it was for him...

Having everyone in my life made me realised how blessed I am. I have a great family even though we're all different and are not related by blood!!! Now I know why people go crazy, they didn't have supportive, caring and funny brother(s) and sister(s) like I do!!!

~you know I love them~
Michelle May

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