Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Gardens (Curve) & Din Tai Fung (Mid Valley)

This is the dumpling with sweet and sour la mein. Personally, it tastes like Maggi Mee (Xavier agrees!)

Prawn and pork dumpling (It's actually siu loong bao with prawns on top of it!) Very, extremely delish!

Pork Chop La mein which was really good according to Madrekins, A. Serena and Xavier!

The famous 18 folds siu loong bao!!! The best I've ever tasted!!! Everyone loved this so darn much!!!

My original Chicken soup which was full of flavour and Chinese people would say, "kau foh" or enough fire. It's very "cheng" and full of chicken taste!

Din Tai Fung is one of the Top 10 restaurants as voted by THE New York Times!!! After eating there, it all makes sense!

Chefs and cooks making siu loong baos and dumplings fresh as you order!!! You can see them make it too!

Xavier Boy and I... Very soon I won't be able to call him Xavier Boy anymore... He's a man now since he'll be starting college soon!

Madrekins and her sister, Aunty Serena!!! Cross examining the noodle on it's thickness/ fine-ness and exquisite taste!

Xavier Boy is "so damn full!!" He finished off MY siu loong bao AND dumplings!!! Of course he was full!!

Madrekins is excited when she saw all the food!!! She was also impressed by the service.

Aunty Serena is bored waiting for the food!!! So many tables and we only waited 5 minutes for our food! Fast right?

The menu and it has a wide array of choices!!! Soups, dumplings, rice, desserts, etc... Everything you ever want!

Describes the perfection of siu loong bao! A PERFECT siu loong bao must have 18 exquisite folds, translucent and fine skin, plump and juicy within, and must be freshly made as you order!

Din Tai Fung is one really great place!!! If you see me here, give me a holla or just say hi! I promise I don't bite!

I think my favourite restaurant has got to be Din Tai Fung right now!!! (For Chinese food!) I used to love Dragon-i but too bad, so sad!!! Dragon-i in 1 Utama is really gorgeous, especially the interior deco but I'm more concerned of the food. The best place for siu loong bao is Din Tai Fung!!

I could barely chew, surviving on soups, porridges for more than a week and I didn't expect that I could eat siu loong bao!!! I don't know but siu loong bao suddenly happened to be my favourite food and I can't NOT, NOT eat it!!! Daym! It's good!!

The staff was real helpful. Even though they couldn't speak English, they tried their best and one of the staff was actually prompt with our food! Impeccable service, extremely good food and good ambiance... The price came up to around 105MYR. Personally, I didn't have any problems with the price. I would give this place 9/10.

The Garden at The Curve. It's right next to Little Penang Cafe and the end of the food street in Curve, and at the entrance of Cineleisure.

Like the one in 1 Utama, their centrepiece is also a pure white piano.

The al fresco seating is very whimsical and I'm loving those white and green stripes!! Overall I love the concept!

My photographer; Adrian!!!! He's such a sweetie... You know how it was when I have to write what I say and he looks like a retard talking to himself? It was hilarious as fcuk!

He said I better credit this picture as "Adrian Ng PHOTOGRAPHY"... Even though it was my camera!!!

Isn't the interior nice? It's all white and flowery which is so whimsical!!! You'll feel like a fairy here!!

On Saturday, went to Curve with A. Serena, Xavier and Madrekins and they wanted to eat at Little Penang Village and I couldn't find anything to eat that I could swallow and the swollen-ness was so bad that I couldn't even speak!!!

Finally, met Adrian and he suggested that we go try the new Gardens and I can have my soup! The deco was extremely beautiful and the food was just OK. Maybe because I was a little tad snippy cause I was hungry and I couldn't eat anything!!!

It was very awkward because I have to communicate by writing on my notepad while Adrian has to talk and the whole time, people kept staring because Adrian looked like he was talking to himself!!! Adrian paid for the meal and THANKS ADRIAN!!! :)

~you know me~
Michelle May

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