Saturday, January 09, 2010


Finally decided to apply for a job. Yea, as in, a REAL, PERMANENT JOB. Last year, when I only had classes once a day, I kept telling myself that I need a job and until today, I have yet to even apply for a job. I know I'm sad but I seriously can't help it.

I want a job that is different from my area of study (studies!) which are Public Relations and Communication, Technology and Policies. I want to work with animals, people, under developed nations and the environment.

For a couple of months I did pester Precious's vet for a job but they didn't have any vacancies. I don't work for money because I find that it is a very wrong motivation because it will come to a time where you will feel as if you're a slave for the money.

I believe in doing and dealing with people I love so that it won't feel like a job or dealing with people who shares your interests and I love animals and the environment. Anyways, I really hope that I do get the job. I really, really want this. Wish me luck!!

~you know me~
Michelle May

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