Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Padrekin's Gig (VR1, Damansara)

The BIG day for Padrekins finally arrived. It couldn't arrive sooner!!! Padrekins has practised long and hard and that's not all, he got Darrell burning songs for him, Madrekins listening to him and I have to see if he gets the key correct and not to mention, the amount of money he spent!!! The amps, the guitar(s), the mp3 and etc..

The place was packed and Padrekins played EXTREMELY well... They finally met Ah Beng and thank God that they were ok with each other... Madrekins was talking to him and Padrekins was actually nice to him... Maybe because he's my friend and all...

There was a couple of drunkards and unfortunately the night didn't began so well...
We (Candy, Madrekins, Yan Yan and I) had dinner at Kepong and after dropping Yan Yan off, we arrived earlier than expected and couldn't find Padrekins at VR1. Found him having dinner at Trishna and he told us that he'll only start at around 9PM. Madrekins then decided to go up to the office and Ms. Teh needed us to go to 1U to run some errands for her and by 8.45PM, Padrekins was calling and calling!

Everyone was rushing and was nice and pissed off... We finally arrived at 9.30PM and Padrekins already started playing. I, then had to feed Ah Beng dinner so ended up Ah Beng and I was late... We were there till almost 12 and then we had to leave... Poor Ah Beng had to go through so much just to spend some time with me... and I appreciate it!! He's a dear, isn't he?! :)

There's a video recording of Padrekins and will be up on YouTube soon, so, stay tuned!!

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Michelle May

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