Friday, January 01, 2010

Reflection 2009 and Resolution 2010


1)My parents are the most supportive and they love me so much! I cannot imagine having anyone else as my parents because even though they make me so angry sometimes, it will not change the fact that I love them and they love me! I inherited the best of both worlds and maybe that's why I'm such a psycho! (In a good way!)

2) Life is what you make of it. In life, shit happens (it's unavoidable!) and if you choose to be all upset about every little thing, people will avoid you! People love "a breathe of fresh air" and not a "lingering old fart"!! If you're strong, then you know you'll get stronger! I received this mail from Padre and here's the story:

A daughter complined to her father who was a cook that life hasn't been good for her. Her dad put 3 pots filled with water to boil. In the first pot, he put in some carrot, the second pot, he put in an egg and in the third pot, he put some coffee powder.

He then removed the carrot, egg and pour the coffee into a cup. He told his daughter that even though the 3 things was put into a pot of boiling water, each came out differently. The carrot was hard and strong but after it was removed from the boiling water; it became soft and weak.

The egg was fragile and once removed, it became hard. The coffee powder on the other hand, changed the water altogether. We can take it as a lesson because we can either accept defeat, become stronger, or change the environment/ surrounding. The father then told her that:

- One cannot change the environment except yourself.
- One cannot change the fact except attitude.
- One cannot change the past but can change the present.
- One have no command over others but they can control themselves.
- One can't predict tomorrow but they can hold on today.
- Everything can't be going smoothly and according to plan, but you can give it your best effort.
- One can't change the weather but one can change their mood.

3) Shit happens. Even though you make take every precaution, shit will happen. If it's your time to die, no matter what you do, you can't escape death. Live everyday like you're dying. Smile more, be nicer, be more patient, take time to do things that you've always wanted to do, get your priorities right and love more!

4) You don't need 10 boyfriends, you only need 1 and you don't need 1 million friends, you only need 1! I used to be so obsessed with quantity that I never realised that none of them was there for me when I needed them most! The accident really taught me who are my real friends and who loves me.

5) God exists. God really exist and he's nothing compared to humans, He is forgiving and merciful. He is so great that he loves everyone; even those who doesn't belive in him. I once was faithless and I'm slowly accepting that He exist and I'm taking baby steps towards Him.

6) I'm smart! I used to think I'm stupid but taking up subjects and changing my majors really helped me to know myself better! I realised that I love politics and whenever I read the Declaration of Human Rights, I get a tear in my eyes! I found my way and I realised that I want to serve mankind.

7) I finally, FINALLY got my degree and I'm a graduate!!!! Years of assignments, studying, working with pain in the asses and lots of patient, I finally graduated!!! It's been far too long and far too expensive.

8) "Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday but I realised I've bigger dreams in mind..." I used to fall so in love with so many guys and then it suddenly hit me that God has bigger plans for me and I have bigger plans for myself!!! I want to do my Masters, improve my language skills, and hopefully get a job with my dream organization!

9) It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I'm lucky to have met so many interesting guys this year and I'm thankful that each one of them loved me. It's in my defence mechanism to disappear and I'm sorry!

10) I'm very, very blessed and I want to say a big thank you to each and every single one who was there for me. I love you, my family and friends. I just want to apologize if I ever did anything wrong and I love you. I realised that I don't have to win every battle.


1) Have more patience.

2) Stop running away from problems.

3) Travel more.

4) Love more.

5) Be faithful.

6) Be more positive.

7) No more crashing cars.

8) No more going crazy.

9) Hope to remember.

10) Hope to be happy.

Happy 2010 everyone!!! May the new year bring you more wealth, health and happiness.

~you know I'm serious~
Michelle May

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