Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentino and Moleskine

I feel in love with this pump when I first laid eyes on it last season!!! I wanted it in red!! Unfortunately, was busy dealing with douchebags to remember to buy it and/or write about it. Now, it's all out of stock and I'm left with it's picture. It's a beauty isn't it? Oh, I forgot to tell you it's name! This is The Valentino Patent D'orsay Pump and it only costs 695 USD!!!

Since I couldn't get it in Red, I decided, black would be good too... Until I saw this beauty that came from another planet!!! The lace is just too sexy!!! Smokin hot!!! This is the Valentino Lace d'Orsay Pump and this costs 885 USD!!! I would so love this!!!

I was never a fan of high heels and pumps and all those pretty heels that kills my feet! I'm more of a flats and wedges kinda girl. I'm changing my mind ever since I saw this. I never felt this way about any heels before and this is the first time. Aren't they such a beauty??? I feel like killing someone for them!!!

Moleskine Volant Ruled Pages (5" x 8") Set of 2 in Red for only 12USD

Moleskine Cahier Ruled Pages (5" x 8-1/4") Set of 3 in Red for only 12USD

No one ever told me that once you use Moleskine, you never wanna use other brands. I loved the second my pen started writing on my Moleskine Planner. It just felt so right and it gives me joy beyond compare.

Is it a sin to spend an obscene amount of money on planners and notebooks? I don't know. Some people would spend the same amount on comics which I think it's a waste of money and they might think it's a waste of money to spend it on planners and notebooks as well.

So, it's entirely up to an individual to spend their money! Anyways, I'm so confused as to which notebook to buy!!! Maybe I should just buy both since I would use a notebook. Till then!

Next post will be about my little roadtrip to Ipoh with my sis Tam!! So excited about the roadtrip on Monday!!! Ipoh, the bitches are here to eat your food, ogle your men and steal your jobs!!

~you know I'm lovin it~
Michelle May

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