Monday, January 11, 2010


Guess, who got herself a kickin' ass new Moleskine for a kickin ass year???

I FINALLY (after 1 whole friggin year!) BOUGHT MYSELF A Moleskine!!!!!! As you can see, I'm excited as hell but spending a small fortune on an organizer makes me feel a little guilty!!! I justified my purchase by telling myself that I'll be using it everyday, it was Xavier's fault for going into the shop and I deserve little luxuries in life after the whole unnecessary drama with Madrekins and Murdoch!

In the shop, I was holding the diary for so fcuking long before finally deciding on buying it!!! It was worth every single ringgit because it made me so happy!!! I've been lusting after it for 1 year already and I FINALLY got it!!! I'm so freaking happy right now!!!! Hope my parents doesn't faint when the credit card bill arrives end of the month! *shudders*

My facebook horoscope said that I should treat myself to a few of my favorite things and put a bright smile on my face! (I didn't lie!! It's exact words! I swear!!) I finally got my favourite thing!!! I have to buy a protective cover for it now!!! Gosh!!! I'm so loving my Moley!!!

Xavier admiring the beauty of the Dragon Roll!!! "But Michelle, I KNOW, it's just so beautiful!"

The beauty can be seen in every angle! Xavier: "Are you taking pictures of me? I'm not crazy ok? I'm just staring at the sushi that's all!" (Xavier, if that's not crazy, I don't know what is!)

Xavier is such a glut!!! Xavier: Michelle, I think I'm just gonna order a green tea ice crean cause I'm too darn lazy to get up! (See, what kind of cousin I have?)

Xavier: In Aussie, nobody buys me sushi because I eat too much!!! I'm gonna bring the bill to 100MYR!!! (Xavier, YOU better buy me sushi platters when I visit you in Aussie!!!)

Xavier: Michelle, can I keep the sushi receipt? I want it as a souvenir!! (Man, he really loves sushi!!)

Since it was Xavier's last day in Malaysia, decided to treat him to his favourite food; SUSHI!!! Took him to Zanmai Sushi at 1 Utama and this is the first and the last time I treat him to sushi!!! LOL!!!

He was greedy and he thought that Malaysian sushi wouldn't be able to fill him up but he was soooooo wrong!!! He ate until he couldn't eat anymore!!!! After staring at the "beautiful" sushi for so long, he reluctantly decided to take away the sushi! All the way to Bangsar, he carried the sushi like his first born child!!!

Should have taken a picture for all to see!!! Anyways, he's just too adorable in that sense! Anyways, he's probably on the way to the airport now and will take some time to read this. At least when he does, I'm miles away from him and he can't "domestic violence/abuse" me!!! *muahahahaha*

~you know I do~
Michelle May

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