Monday, January 11, 2010

Xotic Tattoos

Tammy has to draw her design meticulously and every little detail has to be perfect in order for it to be perfect!

She wanted a huge ass one on her back with wings and all... This is her back before the tattoo.

This is her design that she drew and Vicky (The tattoo artist!) put the outline on her back before tattoo-ing!

The whole process takes around 2 hours plus. It wasn't bad but once Vicky started inking the top, she started bleeding!

After some Vaseline and everything, the tattoo is perfect! Nice or not?

Tammy's tattoo number 2 is on her ankle and this is her metal for her horoscope. This is the sign of copper.

She got 2 tattoos now. One on her back and another on her ankle.

This was very awkward because Ash didn't shave and the apprentice had to shave her legs for her!!!

She too got one on her ankle with the symbol of her metal. Iron.

Tammy and Ash before tattooing. See how happy they are??? They are really cool people to hang out with... (sorry for the fragment!)

While they were busy tattooing, I was busy with a princess... Presenting her Royal Highness, Her Majesty Princess Shasha!!! I think she's a princess!!! She's the most friendliest Rottweiler I've ever met!!! and gorgeous too!

See what I mean? Isn't Ash just too darn funny??!! She's sporting and hilarious!!!

This week has been memorable (good and bad!) and I'd like to focus on the good because Ah Beng said to focus on the good and just ignore the bad. I'll be happier that way. So, I went out with Tammy (my sis!) to get some inking done.

I rarely have any social life and hanging out with Tammy and people actually keeps me sane. Tammy is off this week before she officially becomes a chef next week and she won't be able to hang out anymore... Before that happens, we intend to hang out so much till we tire of each other.

She knows that I enjoy taking pictures and stuff and to make my blog interesting, I get to video and take pictures of her tattoo virginity!!! As long as I've known her (which is since birth!) she has always been extreme and very into creative stuff. So, as her sister, I'm proud to be there for her when she gets her first and second tattoo!!!

The tattoo shop is real cool and Vicky (the artist!) is real friendly. No complaints. The price was very reasonable as well!! The total costs for 3 tattoos was only 450MYR... and the shop is located at Subang, SS15 near McDonald's and around the Taylor's and Inti area...

Memorable quote OF THE DAY:

Tammy Yen: He's like a freaking pirate!!!
Me: What kind of pirate? Hot Johnny Depp kinda pirate or those Somalian pirates?
Tammy Yen: FCUK you!!! Of course la those fcuking Somalian pirates!!!! DUH!!!
Me: Arrrr!!!
Tammy Yen: Fcuk you la cibai!!! Don't make me slap "chat" you!!!

~you know she loves me~
Michelle May

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