Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taiwan: DAY 2

Whenever I visit China or Taiwan, I MUST HAVE Cold Stone Ice Cream! It's the the best ice cream ever! Oh, When you're in Taiwan, go to Miramar Mall and check out Herson's popcorn! They have 30+ flavours and ALL OF THEM ARE YUMMY! I was so full after sampling ALL the flavours and the lady is real nice!

We then went up to Yang Ming Shun for some fresh air and the view of the whole city! I do not recommend doing this in Winter because me and Padrekins nearly got blown away!!! The wind was so cold and so strong! We went shopping at New York, New York and Taipei 101 which is Taiwan's tallest tower!

We visited Le Grand Hotel and you'll feel as if you're in a different Chinese dynasty! The whole hotel is built of feng shui and the interior is so lusciously decorated with all things Chinese.... from top to bottom and in ever single detail! The hotel is beautiful!!!

I know I'm so outdated!!! But this is Day 2 of my Taiwan trip in February! *ashamed* I have no idea when Day 3 will be uploaded but hopefully soon! At least my blog will not seem so deserted! Anyways, will try and update all the Taiwan trip ASAP!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

Friday, February 19, 2010

Arrival at Taipei, Taiwan

We were greeted by some friendly Beagle Brigade that sniffed our luggages and the minute we stepped out of the airport, it was freezing cold!!! And WELCOME TO TAIWAN!!!

We had some typical Taiwanese food!!! 1st Row: Me promoting Taiwan Beer and Padrekins enjoying Taiwan Beer as well as Salmon soup.
2nd Row: Local Taiwanese veggie, Stir fried noodle, Squid mouth.
3rd Row: Tofu in sauce,Pork strips,Sashimi, Smelly Tofu Szechuan style,Mango/Papaya appetizer!

Continued from above:
1st row: Pork intestines, The temple and the restaurant.
2nd Row: The Jiaxi (not sure of the name, bad memory for Chinese names!) nightmarket is so busy!!! They sell all sorts of stuff!!! From pets, clothes, toys, utensils, shoes, medicinal herbs, food, etc! It's like a huge open air mall!!!

Hope you like my new picture layout for the blog!!! I just got Adobe Photoshop and I'm having tonnes of fun with it!!! It's more compact this way and neat-er as well! Taiwan was really wonderful except for the erratic weather which was very cold and not that cold and freezing cold again! The food was delicious and the people were very kind!

~you know I like it~
Michelle May

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nyonya Imperial and Logenhaus

This was some sort of Chicken Curry. I have to apologize profusely because I can't remember names of food! But it was not bad.

Darrell's Chocken Chop. Fried chicken cutlet with a special nyonya sauce.

This is something called Gulai Nenas. It's seafood and lots and lots of pineapple!!! Just a hint of spiciness though!

I was craving for something very spicy!!! No idea why but we stumbled upon Nyonya Imperial at Bandar Puteri Puchong and imagine our surprise when we found out that it is affiliated with EasyPha Max. The deco was very impressive with water features, lush sofas, and beautiful handcrafted decorative items.

Unfortunately, the curries wasn't spicy enough. I'm not saying it should be fiery but it should be spicy to a certain degree and the portions were small. In Chinese, even if you want more, there isn't enough. Or in Malay, cukup makan.

It was a little disappointing but overall, the nasi lemak and other food looks good and relatively priced. For a kuey teow, it's around 6.90MYR. But I'm not sure if it's good but you can give it a try!

I'm not sure of the exact address but I think it's roughly at Jalan Puteri 2/2, It's somewhere in the row of shoplots across Giant.

Mother thinks that the chicken is finger lickin good!

Candy cheh joined us for dinner and I adore her!!!

Half Chicken with Pan Fried Potatoes. I love this because the potatoes are fried with minced meat and garnished with scallions!!! Oh, I love scallions!!!

Father's Half Chicken with Sour Cream potato. It's actually the same chicken, it's just that the potato varies. This is Father's favourite.

Mother's fav is the one with the steakhaus fries which is wedges but it's so good and crispy and it taste even better when dipped into sour cream when it's warm!

My favourite escargot!!! The sauce is something out of this planet!! I'm not a fan of exotic food but the way it's prepared, got me hooked! I'm so addicted to it now!!!

Logenhaus is our favourite place to go for a decent roasted chicken. It's been years that we've been patronising this place and it never fails us. The chicken isn't dry and difficult to swallow (especially the breast part!) because it has been perfectly marinated so that the meat has flavour!

The restaurant belongs to Mother's ex colleague's husband so, that was the reason why we decided to give it a try. The food was good, the deco is moderate and the staff are exceptional! Since we go there so often, they know what we like and what we don't!

Price wise, it's around 16.90MYR for half a chicken and potatoes. There's a whole lot of other German food you can try but since I'm not much of a red meat eater, I can't recommend much!

Logenhaus (Same row as Maybank)
Taipan Triangle, Subang Jaya, Selangor
50, Jalan USJ 10/1B
USJ Taipan Triangle
47620 UEP Subang Jaya

~you know I like it~
Michelle May

Friday, February 12, 2010


If you're reading this, I'll be in Taiwan now. Will be back soon! Don't miss me too much... It was a hectic day yesterday. I never knew how terrible it is to pack for winter!!! Terrible in the sense that Mother and I have totally different ideas! I want to wrap up while she was thinking light layers!

Father on the other hand, kept mentally checking if the fan is off, lights is on, gates are locked and etc. Brother? As usual, not bothered and the chillest one around. Thank God we FINALLY left the house and we're on our way to the airport!!!

I'm going to so miss my little baby boy and Ah Beng. To Ah Beng, Happy Valentines Day and I Love You so much!!! Be good and miss me till I come back!!! :)

Oh, to all the readers, Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!! I'm not celebrating it but if you do, then... That's good!!! May 2010 bless you and your family with health, wealth and happiness.
Disclaimer: Ah Beng here doesn't refer to a typical Chinese "lala" guy but rather it's my term of endearment for him. It is not in any way associated to the Malaysia definition of an Ah Beng.

~you know I'm leaving~
Michelle May

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gold Coast *sepang*

XY, AT, Me and Chaco.

Clarice, XY, AT, Chaco, Josh Oo Wa New, Daniel

Daniel is actually my de facto spouse and he has to pay me alimony every month, recently, his cheques bounced because he spent MY money on decorative, dangly jewellery!

Isn't this picture gorgeous? I'm always up to be a photographer. I'm a perfectionist and if you like my style, give me a call? I charge non professional fees for professional pictures! LOL!

The beautiful scenery at Sepang Gold Coast!!! The whole place has beautifully manicured lawns, abundance of flowers and decorative items.

Didn't bring enough clothes so, had to borrow XY's very pretty floral maxi dress!!! You can find it listed in our shop!

The boys playing Savannah and all of them nearly got sucked into the muddy abyss!!! Thank God they made it out... It was so hilarious! Imagine National Geographic where the zebra will be struggling in the mud from the crocodile?

This is the BEFORE picture where everyone is still clean and happy and hyper. BEFORE they were covered in mud!!

AT was real smart!!! He was too shy to change in front of all of us so, he had a rather difficult time removing his clothes! Imagine the episode of Mr. Bean where he had the same problem!

Pristine white beaches, little trees to provide shade, lazy lounge chairs and cool sea breeze!!!

We were sad little children because it was a low tide and it didn't come in till around 7PM when we left!

Chaco has to be one of the funniest guy in law!!! He's such a buddy!!! It's a great thing that we were stuck in the same car!!!

The Suicide Crew!!! LOL!!! We somehow ended up 50KM away from our destination and ended up in a little restaurant in a plantation with fishing boats!

The whole place and the breeze, made me go all Bollywood!!! What do you think? Do I have what it takes???

It was a surprise for AT since he'll be leaving to Tassie and it's been forever since we all hung out together! We used to be so close 4 years ago and now, he's leaving. We went there in 2 cars. Me, AT, XY and Chaco (The FUNNN Car!) and Clarice, Josh and Dan (The NON SESAT Car!)

Unfortunately, XY (The Planner!) didn't plan the directions and ended up, none of us knows the directions there. The Non Sesat Car arrived as planned but we got lost because XY insisted on searching for the MOST ELUSIVE Bistro (I swear to God!) and we miraculously ended up passing Morib and into Tj. Sepat!!!

There was nothing there except plantations and a little dodgy signboard saying that there's a restaurant. We were kinda hungry and the restaurant was in the middle of a fishing village! Had lunch and finally went on our jolly, little way BACK to Sepang!!!

It was so hot that we were all melting but thank God for the breeze!!! Well, at least we had fun and AT will remember this day and smile to himself and all of his other friends will be wondering, why is he smiling? and only he will know.

I'm sad to say that AT left on a plane last night at 11PM... Will be meeting him again, after 1 year.. On the other hand, Yan Yan will be leaving to HK on Thursday and we'll be leaving on Friday!!! Ciao.

Year 2009
January 16th: Phuket, Thailand
May 3rd: Tj. Sepat
May 17th: Malacca
May 23rd: Penang
June 8th: Ipoh
June 20th: K. Pilah
June 23rd: K.Terengganu
June 24th: Redang
July 12th: Jugra
July 24th: Shanghai
July 27th: Hangzhou
August 23rd: Cameron Highlands
August 30th: Ijok
October 1st: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
October 20th: Bandung, Indonesia
November 25th: Genting
December 26th: K. Selangor
December 28th: Penang
Year 2010
February: Sepang Gold Coast
February: Taipei, Taiwan

Before I leave, Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrates!!! Don't forget my ang pow!!! And to Ah Beng, Happy Valentine's Day... I love you and we'll have lots to celebrate once I get back!!

Disclaimer: Ah Beng here doesn't refer to a typical Chinese "lala" guy but rather it's my term of endearment for him. It is not in any way associated to the Malaysia definition of an Ah Beng.

~you know we miss you~
Michelle May