Friday, February 19, 2010

Arrival at Taipei, Taiwan

We were greeted by some friendly Beagle Brigade that sniffed our luggages and the minute we stepped out of the airport, it was freezing cold!!! And WELCOME TO TAIWAN!!!

We had some typical Taiwanese food!!! 1st Row: Me promoting Taiwan Beer and Padrekins enjoying Taiwan Beer as well as Salmon soup.
2nd Row: Local Taiwanese veggie, Stir fried noodle, Squid mouth.
3rd Row: Tofu in sauce,Pork strips,Sashimi, Smelly Tofu Szechuan style,Mango/Papaya appetizer!

Continued from above:
1st row: Pork intestines, The temple and the restaurant.
2nd Row: The Jiaxi (not sure of the name, bad memory for Chinese names!) nightmarket is so busy!!! They sell all sorts of stuff!!! From pets, clothes, toys, utensils, shoes, medicinal herbs, food, etc! It's like a huge open air mall!!!

Hope you like my new picture layout for the blog!!! I just got Adobe Photoshop and I'm having tonnes of fun with it!!! It's more compact this way and neat-er as well! Taiwan was really wonderful except for the erratic weather which was very cold and not that cold and freezing cold again! The food was delicious and the people were very kind!

~you know I like it~
Michelle May

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