Friday, February 12, 2010


If you're reading this, I'll be in Taiwan now. Will be back soon! Don't miss me too much... It was a hectic day yesterday. I never knew how terrible it is to pack for winter!!! Terrible in the sense that Mother and I have totally different ideas! I want to wrap up while she was thinking light layers!

Father on the other hand, kept mentally checking if the fan is off, lights is on, gates are locked and etc. Brother? As usual, not bothered and the chillest one around. Thank God we FINALLY left the house and we're on our way to the airport!!!

I'm going to so miss my little baby boy and Ah Beng. To Ah Beng, Happy Valentines Day and I Love You so much!!! Be good and miss me till I come back!!! :)

Oh, to all the readers, Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!! I'm not celebrating it but if you do, then... That's good!!! May 2010 bless you and your family with health, wealth and happiness.
Disclaimer: Ah Beng here doesn't refer to a typical Chinese "lala" guy but rather it's my term of endearment for him. It is not in any way associated to the Malaysia definition of an Ah Beng.

~you know I'm leaving~
Michelle May

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