Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brief Updates

Extremely sorry about neglecting my blog and all but I recently got myself a life. LOL! In the sense that I have a job and I'm no longer propped in front of the computer from morning till night. I got a car now but I don't have the time to even clean it! I got it for a couple of days and seriously, the inside looks like trash right now.

It's my shoe cabinet/wardrobe/office desk/dressing table/room! I'm still not used to the car and I'm driving at 60/mph and 80/mph at the maximum. For a person who hates to drive, I have to admit that it's so much more convenient now. I don't have to wait for Madrekins or Padrekins. I, technically lead an independent life.

The Parentals decided to get me a car because I got a job. Yes, you're reading the blog of a programme counsellor of SEGi University College. My office is the most gorgeous architectural structure in Kota Damansara. So far, I really do love it here. I basically counsel people and I get to meet so many people. My colleagues are just great! They are so willing to teach and extremely patient.

I don't have the time to edit all the Taiwan pictures because there's just too many pictures! I just completed editing the CNY pictures and they will be up soon!

~you know I love it~
Michelle May

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