Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Japanese Food: Dinner @ Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall

Padrekins is wondering if he should eat some more! He was asking if I wanted to share!!

But I was too busy cam whoring that I didn't wanna eat anymore!

Besides, I'm stuffed and Padrekins was just being a glut! He can actually eat this everyday!!!

Padrekins love Japanese food while Madrekins doesn't like sushi/ raw food/ seaweed / japanese food!

Order, order and more orders! We love the variety they have here... Pages and pages full of them!

This is the MUST HAVE everytime we eat Japanese food! Raw Salmon!!! I don't like it but Darrell and Padrekins fight over this all the time!

At least Madrekins like this! Hanasaki Ika Tempura Squid. Not bad, not bad indeed!

This is MY MUST HAVE!!! I Love, Love this Golden Roll!!!! Prawn and mangoes!!!! Loves it!

This is the Ebiten Floss Maki which is prawn maki with chicken floss!!! I like this too!!!

This is the Ebikko Tempura Maki... I like it, but I actually took the wrong dish, it resembled my soft shell crab.. But, it wasn't!

Decided to be a little adventurous and tried this Ebi Mentai. Prawn and topped with salmon roe... Not bad It tasted like grilled + herbs instead!

This is Padrekins and Darrell's California Temaki.. It was really temaki.. Te means hand, and temaki means hand made! See, you learn something new everyday!

Our assortment of sushis! Very delicious and filling, and the total cost for the meal is 140 MYR!!

Let me get this out in the open, we love Japanese food! Like Padrekins said, I can eat Japanese food everyday while referring to his raw salmon! Madrekins on the other hand, pity her... Have to eat something palatable while in a Japanese restaurant with us.

Padrekins favourite sushi place is at Tropicana City Mall called Sushi Tei. It is accessible for him and he just loves the food there. Anyways, I'm kinda sick and tired of sushi because we eat it so often!

I'm afraid that sushi overdose will make me look Japanese, somehow! No offence but I love sushi!!! So, enjoy this DOUBLE FEATURE special edition sushi posts from me! Go, eat some sushi for me... RIGHT NOW!!!

~you know I'm such a jap~
Michelle May

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