Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Japanese Food: Lunch @ Pasta Zanmai, 1U

Spicy Kaisen Miso Soup which was just nice, it's tangy with just a hint of spiciness and it's filled with seafood..

This is not your ordinary temaki! This is my soft shell crab temaki. You get to choose to wrap it in seaweed or tortilla (Which Madrekins love because she hates seaweed!) and it has no rice in it at all, so, don't be shocked! I would recommend the spicy mayo to go with it!

We were contemplating to steal the teapot back because it was so cute!!! Even the Ocha tastes better!

HAD TO try the Warm Sake. The first few sips, it tasted weird and I didn't like it, but since it wasn't cheap, I got used to the taste and I don't mind it...

This is the Mini Unagi Rice which is served with another dish which I forgot to take the picture and forgotten what it was! I didn't even eat this because I don't really fancy unagi...

This is Itachoco Monaka which is ice cream filled wafers! To me, I kinda liked it but to the rest, it wasn't that good!

WE LOVED THIS Ebi To Mochi No Cheese Pizza!!! The crust, the cheese, the whole pizza tastes sooooo good! Chewy, crunchy, crispy!!! MUST TRY!!!

Since the previous dessert was disappointing, we ordered this Choco Banana which was sooo much better! The whole glass is filled to the brim with bananas, chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle, chocolate sauce, corn flakes!!! DELICIOUS!

Just wanted to show off my Forever 21 Turquiose Bow head band that was a gift from XY! Cuteness!!!

Candy and Madrekins paying each other...

Me and the Hongkie, Yan Yan cheh!!! Gosh, we look so old here!!! We're actually VERY YOUNG!

Every Saturday or Sunday, we (Candy, Madrekins, Yan Yan) enjoy trying out new restaurants and shopping. There's no other way I know besides eating and shopping on how to spend my weekend!

This time, we decided to try Pasta Zanmai (please do not confuse yourself with SUSHI ZANMAI, the sushi joint that I normally spend my Fridays at!) Pasta Zanmai is located near Sakae Sushi and Carl's Jr.

You will not know that it's a restaurant until you walk into the japanese shop. It's the only Japanese Shop over there so, don't be shy, walk right in and you'll discover a delicious restaurant hidden behind Japanese biscuits, snacks, sauces and stuff!

Well, if you like it, you can shop to your heart's content after you fill your stomach! The food here is slightly on the higher end but if you're looking for something new to try, do give Pasta Zanmai a try! You will come back!

~you know I'm such a jap~
Michelle May

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