Monday, April 19, 2010

SEGi UC (1 March 2010 - 25 March 2010)

My going away present from Zen! He drew me! I think it looks like me... Good effort though!

This is Jamel! He's like the really nice guy there... He was very patient with me and he's one of my good friends!

I have no idea this bust is who.. I keep calling it Aristotle! There's lots of similiar bust like these all over SEGi UC!

This is the view from my office! I walked those path everyday to go to the office!

This is my personal artist Zen Lim! He's an art student! Really talented in drawing!!! Real nice guy as well!

I like calling them the couple! Shah and Presad!!! They were my makan buddy, my buddy and my good friends!

This lovely girl is my BFF at SEGi! Her name is Siti Mariam and they hired her the same time as me!

I was just showing off my Forever 21 shift dress which was an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!!! It's only 59MYR! And my Miss Selfridge Orange cardigan which cost 159MYR!

Below are just some pictures of the surrounding of SEGi UC! A lot of Roman inspired fountains, decos and stuff!

I was working here for approximately 25 days and I loved it here!!! Albeit one person but the rest of the people here are really nice and friendly. They all genuinely want to help you and they are so approachable! I managed to make some really good friends during my tenure here.

Until now, I somehow miss them so much! Unfortunately, due to some certain human circumstances, I had to leave. But, I never once regretted ever knowing them!

~you know you love it~
Michelle May

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