Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Ah Gun and Yan Yan at the temple! Try being 6 hours plus in the car with her... Time sure flies!

Mi Familia, isn't the view just gorgeous! I was hoping to see the sunset but I'm not sure if this is the West or the East!

This is Teluk Batik, don't bother trying to be all geography on me cause it's a God forsaken place. The majority of people here are locals! It's a very secluded place!

The pool of baby turtles at the conservation! There are hundreds of them in 1 pool! They're really cute!

These are the bigger turtles! The just laze and swim around this big pool! Some of them are friendly, and some not!

The one that I touched, I think he's friendly!!! You can see the hands belonging to Yan Yan and Ah Gun asking me to becareful! Not sure if they meant, be careful, don't drop into the pool or be careful, the turtle might bite you!

Madrekins, Padrekins, Ah Gun and Yan Yan! This beach is really clean but somehow, there wasn't anyone there!

A couple of weeks back, we decided to getaway from the city, so we drove 3+ hours to Sitiawan to a place called Teluk Batik. Had the Hongkie Yan Yan making so much of noise in the car, 3 hours gone by just like that! She's going to kill me if she reads this!

Anyways, we spent some time exploring the place! They have really good food! You should try the Michelin Star restaurant there... Cheap and nice. Ah Gun then took us to a turtle conservation called Pusat Pengurusan Penyu in Segari and a temple inside the Pangkalan Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia! The view was just so beautiful from the temple!

No one could expect a small town to have so many interesting things and good food! Anyways, we had a good rest, met some good friends and came home relaxed!

I'm in one of my vegetarian phases right now. Last month, it was the "No Seafood Month" Campaign which I SUCCESSFULLY consumed NOTHING from the Ocean! This month, I decided to totally go vegetarian. I thought that it would be difficult because I have to have my small portion of meat and Madrekins isn't a fan of vegetarian.

Being in Malaysia, it's relatively much simpler! It's been 1 week and I surprisingly have no craving for meat! I've been eating lots of veggies, mock meat and I found out that Pizza Hut actually have a vegetarian pizza!!! Was really excited!!! Since I'm no longer working, I have more time to take care of myself.

Been waking up at 8AM, taking 3 dogs out for a walk, cycle for another 30 minutes and have an apple for breakfast! Lunch is a small bowl of vegeroni pasta, slightly grilled oyster mushroom, herb pasta sauce, and topped with tonnes of cranberries and fresh coral leaves! It's creamy with a tinge of sweetness from the cranberries and it's delish!

Anyways, I apologize profusely that I've been neglecting this blog. No worries, Will have ALL THE TIME in the world to update from now on... Some quick updates, I don't think I'll be working anytime soon... I worked at 2 different places in 2 months and since it's almost May, that means Ili and Isaac Hubby will be back!!!! Will go back to job hunting after that or decide if I want to go back to school!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

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