Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Animals Galore!

Being in an animal medical hospital, you see all sorts of things daily. My favorite is when the animals give birth. It is so interesting to see a life give life... We're not talking about humans, but these are animals...

There's so many cases and some might make you sick and disgusted but to me, I love what I do. Sometimes, we deal with urine and blood but it's all part of the job. To those who think that my job is degrading, too bad. I like to think all humans are equal and as long as they're proud at what they do, they're doing a good job.

~love, me~
Michelle May

Breakfast with Hubby and Dinner at Imperial Palace

It was hubby's DUH! face because I keep taking pictures of him while he's eating...

After so many shots, he finally noticed that I was taking pictures of him... The food was really THAT good!

I can/t remember the exact details of the shop but all I know is that, the dim sum here is really nice and a bit pricey... And very popular!!!

Imperial Palace was for Madrekin's birthday. It is located along the little road towards IOI Mall near the police station and Neway KTV.

This is the meat of the Peking duck which was stir fried to perfection! You eat this with fresh lettuce!

The very, very delicious food that we ate!!! It was seriously so yummy!!! Loved it and was so freaking full!

This is the Peking duck crispy skin! It's wrapped and served with a very thin omelette! OMG! Heavenly... I wanna try the authentic one in Beijing!!!

This is stir fried ostrich meat... Not too bad since it's an acquired taste.

The prawn which was just average. Shouldn't have ordered this dish. Nothing to shout about.

Plain ol' stir fried veggies!

This was just awesomely delicious!! It's claypot seafood... Every imaginable stuff is in there covered with thick gooey sauce that's so darn delicious.

The scallions were so prettily cut! I love that it's shaped like a flower! Cute, no?

I deserve to be smacked and put into a corner like bad little children. I've been lazy, resulting in tonnes of pictures in my phone (E72, BTW!) and a very pitifully, neglected blog.

This was in May and I have to apologize for being able to do this now. It/s gonna take a few more months for more updates. Anyways, recently, some lifeless mo-fos are talking shit behind my back and ended up to my mom's ears...

This person has no life of their own and has been stalking me and spreading rumours (or my preferred word: bulleffingshit!) about me being a druggie and tonnes of other stuff that has caused others to think lower of me.

People are telling my mom that they don't want their kids hanging out with me which is absolutely preposterous. If you wanna judge me, please take a look at yourself. You don/t run my life, and I can run my life the way I want it. To all the other mo-fo bitches who believes all these shit, you are just plain retarded because I can tell you that an elephant is the size of a dog and you will still believe me.

RT@RevRunWisdom: If you didn't see it with your own eyes, don't believe it.

I just hate all these haters who's hating on me... Maybe that's why I stop facebooking and blogging because of these kind of shit. Anyways, I'm so over it, I'm not gonna lower myself to their standards. Good luck, mo-fo!

~you hate me, don't you?~
Michelle May