Sunday, September 05, 2010

From Look Out Point to Ulu Langat.

Padrekins said that it looks like a WWII Rambo movie camp! Such a liar! It's a farm... This is not any farm, it's a fish farm!

The grow their own veggies and fish and most of them are Thai, so, you get some pretty authentic Thai food here! The barbequed Lamb was awesomeness...

Went there with The Hongkie, Yan Yan and some food was too spicy for her... But she still enjoyed the food though...

Me and Madrekins. Oooh! And I love my dress!!! Nice? It's so summer and cute!!! And cheap! It was a bargain!

They had to cage those geese up! These little things are fierce!!! Chased and went crazy when I attempted to take their pictures! Crazy birds!!!

Went to Look Out Point. Was very hazy cause of the volcano in Indonesia but still got a decent shot... It's decent right?

Drove and decided to explore the waterfall... Went to Sg. Gabai Waterfall and paid 1 MYR per person just to enter...

The waterfall was amazing!!! The Parentals loved it here.. They are planning a picnic the next time!

Water was so, so, fresh and cool! I felt like washing my hair!!! It was like, real water! I'm a city girl, never been to a waterfall!

OK, It is true! Never been to a waterfall coz they're normally dirty and filled with people... Never knew waterfalls were so....pleasant!

Madrekins who complains about most stuff even enjoyed the waterfall! It's so relaxing.. Padre had to promise us ice creams or we would have soaked in the waterfall till dusk!

They didn't wanna leave... Not even for ice creams! Finally, we had to leave and we were sad... Water was brilliantly sparkling!

Been sick for 10 days cause of tonsilitis and on Sunday, the Parentals decided that I need some fresh air instead of constantly being at home. So, packed and went to Hulu Langat for some good food and change of sceneries.

I enjoyed myself. It's been a very long time since I actually last went out with the Parentals... I kinda miss it. We used to spend every weekend travelling and eating! Anyways, have to go back to work soon...

Being sick isn't that bad... I got some well deserved rest. Even though my tonsils are still killing me, I feel better. Hope that the swelling will be reduced in time...

~you read me~
Mchelle May

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