Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nat's Surprise B'day!

Had fun and cam whored with the lovely Natalie which is one of my oldest friend! Can you believe it that we've been friends since we were in Primary 2? Around 15 yrs? Thanks to the wonders of facebook, we've always kept n touch and I see her growing prettier year after year and finally into this sexy, hot, pretty and smart 23 years old lady!

Also had fun with Chee Fong aka The Boss. He has always been the quiet one in class and for 2 years, we were in the same class and he never spoke to me! Until last year when we worked on an assignment together! Then, found out that we all knew each other... It is a really small world! Nat is recently single, I'm recently single and Boss, has always been single!

It was a good singles night. Laughing about marriage and kids and all sort of stuff. It felt so good being with people I love and love me too. We surprised Nat with a cake to celebrate her belated birthday and we just laid back, and enjoyed each other's company.

Anyways, will be flying off tomorrow and I feel "berat hati". I shouldn't feel this way. I've had good times with my friends, loved like I should, and did what I could. I bought a recorder yesterday. Not sure if you remember the musical instrument that we played in primary school. I intend to master it. It may look simple but it's hard work I tell you! I'm just learning how to read notes and the fingering charts!

So far, I can play B,A,G, and F notes... Have to learn slowly. Will miss each and everyone here and i'm so sad to leave but like I said, it's inevitable. "I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again, Oh babe, I hate to go...."

~you know you'll miss me~
Michelle May

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