Tuesday, November 23, 2010

R.I.P Jo Jo; The British Shorthair

I mentioned in my previous post that I miss Jo Jo, my little British Shorthair. Dr.Eunice wrote on my FB wall today that my Jo Jo is recumbent and he hasn't eaten in 4 days and he's on drips. A few hours later, she informed me that he passed away. He didn't make it through the night and my baby is dead.

I loved him and even though he was a little "ham sap" meaning, he loved to put his head between my cleavage and he loves being with people. He would come out of his little box just to peep at who's walking pass his cage and didn't pet him.

I guess I loved him and spoilt him and Dr. Sathi used to disturb him just because to even it. He said, you can't spoil a cat. Jo Jo and Baby the 2 British Shorthair was my joy and I loved them. I admit that I spoil them a lot because they're the only cats that get to leave the cage and taken on a stroll.

Jo Jo has been suffering from renal failure all this while and it was high maintenance keeping him because he only eats the most expensive special diet/prescription food. His approach to show you that he loves you is by nipping you when you least expect it.

He'll let you pet him with your finger through the cage and he purrs and you relax and when you least expect it, he gives you a nip! It's enough to stop you from touching him ever again. But for me, I got used to the nips and he loves me! Whenever I open the cage, he'll come out, and put his paws on my shoulder, he wants me to cuddle him.

Now, he's gone.... Forever. I've been crying non stop because I couldn't be there for him like he did for me. Believe it or not, when I was having problems with my relationship, I used to cuddle him and he never nips me. In fact, he didn't move and let my tears fall unto his fur.

I had this grand plan of adopting him once I get home. I even raised the issue to Dr. Ding before I left and he said to discuss once I get back. I even promised Jojo that he'll be with me once I come back. He was the most well behaved kitty of all time. Unlike Baby with his running wild tendencies!

I hope he's in Kitty Heaven and everything doesn't matter anymore. Nothing is bigger than Jojo. Nothing can hurt me more than Jojo's death. Everything seems so mediocre. I'm just broken. I want to go back to Malaysia but then again, I guess it's too late. I hope he remembers my promise and watch over me. Till then, Jojo, be good, and I miss you and love you so much!

~the saddest girl in the world~
Michelle May

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