Monday, November 01, 2010

Sentosa, Singapore

I bought this dress from Forever 21 for only 20SGD!!! So cheap! I love F21 over there... Cheap and nice! They have more stuff than Malaysia and it's cheaper...

Made a new friend from Israel and bought so much of stuff!!! All these are from Vardi & Migdal and they specialize in products infused with the minerals from the Dead Sea.

Ah Yee Margeret bought us seafood dinner at North Point! I ate so much, was too full! Thank you Ah Yee for that lovely dinner!

Went there with Uncle Harry and Padrekins...

The casino aka Padrekins's office at Resorts World Sentosa!

These girls from China were amazing! They can really rock out old, traditional, Chinese instruments like they've never been rocked before!

Had fun at Sentosa!!! I kinda like the Merlion!!! Sentosa is fun... If I had the whole day there, will definitely play some rides...

I love Reese's! Why do Malaysia NOT love Reese's??? So difficult to get Reese's peanut buttercups here...

OOOOh!!! My fav shop! Chocolate World @Resorts World Sentosa! Everything with Hershey's stuff is sold here! From Pillows, to Earphones!!! So cool!!!

How can anyone go to RWS without taking a picture of Universal Studios logo??? It's beyond me but I heard they have 17 rides AND COUNTING!!! Looks fun but I was never the themepark kinda girl... But I love the shop though! I love the Shrek stuff! Too cute!

OOOH! OOOH!! OOOH!!!! My favourtite part of the whole trip is CANDYLICIOUS@Resorts World Sentosa!!! This place is like the real Willy Wonka's Factory!!! Due to the fact that candy's are really shy, they don't allow photography but it's a waste! The whole place is bright and colourful, selling Peep's chicks, M&M's PJs, Pillowcases, tops and tees and etc, Millions of Jelly Beans cover the walls from the ceiling to little taps that dispenses candy!

Once you enter the shop, you have no idea where to start! Peep's chicks are all on your right, jelly beans are on your right and chocolate and candies are all over the place! I spent close to 60SGD in that shop! I bought a mint dispenser with my name on it, a tin of very fine Spanish milk chocolate, a whole foot long taffy! and so much more!!!

Isn't the architecture nice? It's so European? I don't know but the layout is really pleasing!

Singapore is a 'fine' country albeit an amazing one. Peaceful and I felt really safe! Unlike Malaysia. While Padrekins is busy making money in the casino, I walked the whole Sentosa, with the help of some busses though! I went to Siloso beach and Underwater World, saw people singing while I danced, I really wondered in amazement at every turn!

People were friendly and helpful. Decided to be brave so, I took the bus out of Sentosa to Vivo City!!! Amazing mall as well! Everything you can imagine and cheap and I love Nat Geo shop and it's just too bad that I didn't have enough time for everything! Oh! and not enough money as well! Since I spent almost 500SGD!!! sigh...

~you know you love it~
Michelle May

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