Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sydney Day 1

This was taken after dinner with the whole bunch of us at Hurstville in Sydney! We had authentic Chinese cuisine which was cheap, filling and absolutely delicious!

It's supposedly Spring here in Sydney but I have no idea why the weather is sooooooo chilly! I was technically shivering once I came out of the shower! But here is me, looking good with mi Madrekins!

Streets here are squeaky clean! People here are so much more civilized than Malaysians... Sorry to say this but we Malaysians need to accept some constructive criticism!

Xiying surprised me by visiting me at KLIA to see me off... She really surprised and I'm so grateful to have her as a friend! All these while, I've expected "him" to call me, hold me and kiss me and tell me that he's changed his mind and he wants me back.

I cried when the plane finally took off to Singapore because it's the end... OFFICIALLY. He doesn't want me back and he's moved on with his life. Why can't he cry a little? Why must he seem so happy? Anyways, it's too late and it's over now.

Arrived at Singapore and due to some recent Qantas accident, we were given the option to "volunteer" to go on the next flight at 7AM the next day. We were offered a room each, meal vouchers and 500SGD per person. I was already dying to go to a different continent, so we insisted on flying.

It was the most uncomfortable 7 hours flight but I managed to watch Despicable Me. Aunty Serena met us at the airport and we went straight home. She then took us to a Vietnamese market to buy groceries, Woolies to buy more groceries and petstores!

Food stuff here are very cheap! Especially fruits and veggies! I presume that Patrick the Guinea Pig would absolutely love it here! I bought a Vodafone Sim so, please PM me on FB for my number.

I hate the fact that it took me approx 45 mins just to activate that bloody SIM! They want driving license, address, and etc... Surprised that they don't know my grandmother's birthday!

Dinner was Chinese at Hurstville and the only thing I don't like is the weather and that everything closes early. Imagine that shops are closing at 3pm Malaysian time! I love going out at night and apparently, everything in the city closes by 1AM!

We're normally just warming up at 1AM! Gotta make good use of my time here so I can go back to Malaysia energized and a whole new Michelle that moved on. Wish me luck!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

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