Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sydney Day 2

Taking a bite out of the Kaffir Lime from the backyard! Yes, we grow our lime!

I just have to show you the magnificent sight of a Jacaranda tree or a purple tree!!! These trees can be found here by the dozens! Lovely purple during late spring... Nice?

Just wanted to show off the back of my Forever 21 dress!

The backyard of my aunt's house. The view from the garden.

This is from Montgomery Fashion where we visited the factory and the warehouse. You can check the website here:
  • TiAmo Intimates

  • The flowers are in full bloom now! So pretty and amazing!

    This guy was so amzing with his dog! The dog barely moves and perches there like a parrot! Her name is Sasha by the way!

    We got a visit from Mom's high school friend, Kim and her daughter Jo. We visited Parklea Market with them near Blacktown.

    Today we visited Parklea and Paddington Markets and unlike markets in Malaysia, these markets sell everything from pets to car accessories and everything is dirt cheap!

    I love going to markets because there's too many things to see! We had kebab today and it was crispy on the outside and deliciously meaty on the inside. We managed to buy cheap souvenirs to bring home as well.

    Walking around today made me feel happy. People here are really friendly and they just love talking to me when they find out I'm from Malaysia. Looking not very Chinese, and being dark makes them wonder where in the world I came from.

    Waking up seriously needs getting used to. We had problems waking up today at 8AM (5AM Malaysian time) We're going to Blue Mountain to visit the 3 sister's rock.

    ~you know you miss me~
    Michelle May

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