Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sydney Day 4

I don't know what they are but the look like llamas/Alpacas, I don't know... I think they could be mountain goats too.

I love this Kambing! I must've been a Kambing Whisperer coz the minute he saw me, he jumped over the fence and let me cuddle him!

These sheep were too busy eating, they just ate and ate and ate and they didn't bother about me or anyone petting them!

I love these Patricks!!!! These Patricks were HUGE!!! I hope Patrick will grow to be as big as them!

We were having fun petting the blue tongue skink! This poor fellow was attacked by a dog but he made it... It's a lovely little fellow!

This seal was so friggin smart! I'm so impressed and I really enjoyed the seal show.

Me and a whole bunch of Penguins of Madagascar! Oh, and also the penguin from Surf's Up! I absolutely love penguins!!!

I love the whole concept of the zoo where you can just walk and experience the wildlife! You could be walking the same path as a kangaroo! But I stumbled across these Mandarin Ducks.

Just posing with all the deco on the garden all over Taronga Zoo.

I enjoyed the ferry ride to the zoo.. Unfortunately, I wore the wrong attire! The wind was so strong, it kept blowing my dress up. I had to sit the entire time!

Today, we went to Taronga Zoo! The whole trip cost around 50AUD which includes the entrance fee and Sky Train. The ferry leaves Circular Quay at Wharf 2 or you can also inquire with Captain Cook Cruises. It's almost the same price.

I really enjoyed the zoo because it's humongous! Unlike our pathetic zoo where the animals are dying or half dead! The zoo here is so well kept and big and clean and the animals are in healthy condition!

The people at the zoo are very friendly and they have so many different types of animals! I'm extremely impressed! Makes our zoo back home puny! I'm beginning to like it here... I might just love it here.... in time!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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