Friday, November 12, 2010

Sydney Day 5

Main shrine of Nan Tian Temple! This place is peaceful. Will be taking refuge in the Triple Gem Ceremony. More info, visit:

Yup, the sun was blistering hot, so I had to go topless! On top of the rocks and some tourist managed to snap a photo! sheesh!

Today, we left our footprints on Bondi Beach and we traveled to Wollonggong. The beach was really sunny with so many naked people but the water was icy cold!! The whole Bondi Beach area was very Malibu.

Then we went rock climbing! Do you know that it takes a lot of muscle power to reach the top? My muscles was already sore to begin with and with all these strenuous activities, I could barely function at the end of the day!

The view when we reach to the top is just breathtakingly AMAZING!!! You can touch the sky, smell the ocean breeze and see the red earth and cliffs and it's just wonderful!

Then, we had another picnic by Wollonggong beach. It's not an ordinary picnic, it's a KFC picnic! I love the Devil's Wings and it's so different compared to the KFC back home.

For dinner, we went to Iron Chef for some decadently delicious food! Then, had to go home and pack. I hate packing. Packing sucks!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

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