Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Accordions, Guitar and Guinea Pigs

The smaller one on the left is my little, sweet Emmylou and the bigger, rounder one is my Patrick!

They're adorable aren't they? Emmylou is named after my favorite song currently; Sweet Emmylou by Catherine Britt while Patrick is named after Patrick Star in SpongeBob SquarePants.

My Christmas present from The Father. He felt really guilty for donating my other guitar to charity and got himself a Les Paul electric guitar WHILE he already got a Gibson or a Fender electric guitar! It's preposterous to have 3 guitars in the house so, we have 2 now! No idea where he hid his guitar!

I love this accordion! Uncle Low got this as a present from Wendy (my cousin!) and he's really good at playing the accordion! It's fascinating just watching him play!

Besides the numerous clothes, shoes and bags I got from my mom, I got a guitar and a new addition to the family. I'm very grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life, not because they buy me stuff but because they love me unconditionally.

I don't even know how to play the guitar, I do know how to strum though and Father just bought a new guitar for me. Mother, on the other hand, takes me for shopping sprees in Singapore, eating only the fine food and the whole trip to Australia.

They have their limitations and I don't want anyone else to be my parents except them. Today, they are celebrating their 24th Anniversary. I'm proud to be intellectual like my father even though I hate my nose and I'm proud to be fierce like my mother.

I really thank God everyday for what and who I have in my life. I want a new lappie soon. Either a Macbook Air or a Sony Vaio... and the Parentals are supportive. Thank you God!!!

~you know I'm blessed~
Michelle May

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