Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Fuzzy Bunny Farm!

I love these asses!

Wishing well that grants wishes!

Me and Dr. Eunice looking extremely adorable in our kimonos!

Thanks to Dr. Eunice and Audrey for having me with them at Colmar. Audrey is working there and she patiently put up with us. Thanks for letting us stay with you and thanks so much to Dr. Eunice for a swell time!

We walked, laughed, talked and ate so much!!! I really had so much fun there! Now, Dr. Eunice is thinking of working there! LOL! Been traveling a lot. Abroad and here and I kinda like life like this. I'm like the wind, nobody knows where in the world I am.

I could be anywhere in the world. I travel when I like and I come back when I like. Hope to finish traveling the whole S.E.A by the time i turn 25 Y.O. Oh, I got another little girl! As in another Guinea Pig. She's still very little at 3 months and like Patrick, she's tri-coloured and her name is Emmylou. She's named after Catherine Britt's song with the same title and one of my favourite song to play on the guitar and sing. Her picture will be up soon!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

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