Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hard Rock Sentosa and Singapore Foody!

Ladies do it with style and tact and sometimes very subtlety.

I love my Mojito!!! The Mojito here, somehow tastes better.

Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings. My all time fav would be Classic Rock!

My usual spot by the bar... I just love sitting by the bar and observing people when I'm dining alone!

Me and aunt had the Lobster 4 seasons at Geylang. Quite near to aunt's office! Delicious, fresh lobster with mixed fruit salad!

Pork ribs at Billy Bombers at Orchard Rd. or Bugis! (I cannot remember!) Ribs was flavorful only at the top and the bottom near the bones were a bit chewy/hard/dry...

Singapore is a great city. Lots of lovely food and I love being in such a democratic society. It's unbelievable that such place that's almost Utopian according to Thomas More and being compared to Malaysia exists just across the border!

Anyways, I love the food here! Pork ribs, lobsters, alcohols, and Sentosa has to be the best place ever! My weekly tradition is to have my wings and mojito at Hard Rock, Sentosa and ribs at King Louis!

~you know you'll love it too~
Michelle May

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